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Show on MBA Salaries

Check out our latest show: MBA Salaries Part 1: How Much Will The MBA Degree Bring In For You?This is Part I of a series we're producing on MBA salaries. In this episode, we go over the latest salary data from various sources. GMAC's 2007 report puts the average MBA starting salary at $80 - $85,000. But clearly, salaries will vary tremendously based on what you do, how many years experience you have, and where you work among other things. You'll

Happy New Year!

Happy 2008 MBA applicants!I wish everyone the best of luck on their MBA journey this year. Sorry for not writing in some time. We've been busy here at MBA Podcaster! We've added quite a lot of shows to our Day in the Life series.RSM Erasmus UniversityRoss School of Business Hawaii Pacific UniversityMany more in the works including Wharton!We've also added some great regular shows in the past months. - Creating a Killer Application: a step-by-step

Calling UCLA Anderson applicants!

Our latest show is part of a new series called, "Day in the Life". We're visiting business schools around the world to bring you an in-depth perspective of campus life. We follow a current student for a day, speak to deans, admissions committee members, career management directors, alumni, and others. It's a great way for you to get to know the different programs out there! UCLA Anderson School of Management is featured this week. You'll find out

Admissions Consultants Show

Check out our latest show called, “Comparing Admissions Consultants: Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Coach”!!In this episode, we give you a behind-the-scenes look into four top admissions consulting firms: Veritas PrepStacy Blackman ConsultingClear AdmitAccepted.comThe founders of these companies claim to mentor and coach applicants through the MBA application process. Unlike essay writers that have given consultants a questionable reputation,

It’s August… now what?

We're bringing you one of our archived shows this week! It's August and You Want to Apply to Business School: What Now?August is a good month to get started on those MBA applications if you haven't already. GMATIf you've haven't started studying for the GMAT, now is a good time to do that. It's also a good starting point. Get the GMAT out of the way so that you can give your full attention to the other parts of the application. For those that

More Questions from a Listener!

We got a couple questions from a listener that we wanted to share. If you have any thoughts or questions, please send them along! Q: What if I strongly desire an MBA to improve my skill set, but I don’t know exactly what I want to do with it?A: Business schools know that many, if not most applicants don't know exactly what they want to do after getting an MBA. That's why they want an MBA, right? To get the skills to work in a different capacity

Getting Financial Support from an Employer – EMBA

We couldn't get to this listener question before our Q&A show came out but we wanted to address it. Let us know if you have any additional advice! Question:"My current employer does not have a program in place to partial finance the MBA education. I was wondering if you had any proposal / justification templates that I could use to propose to my directors to ultimately aide in the financing of an EMBA. Benefits, employment contracts, etc… Don’t

Answering Our Listener Questions

Our newest show just came out! This time, we went out to get the answers to several of our listener questions. Please keep emailing us at We plan to do another show in the near future. Here are the questions:1. "I already make a base salary of 160-thousand dollars a year. With bonuses I make over 200,000. Would an MBA do much good?" - Vance2. "What do top Fortune 500 companies think about top-tier MBA programs compared to

Getting Great Recommendations

I've been looking at several blogs of MBA applicants and everyone seems to be writing about studying or taking the GMAT! I've also run across a lot of questions about recommendations. So, I wanted to go over some of the things I've learned...In our show called "MBA Application Essays and Recommendations: Where to Begin?", UCLA's Linda Meehan said, "The reality is that most people have to begin to think [about recommendations] early in their

The GMAT: Everything You Need to Know About the Test

This week we're bringing you one of our archived shows on the GMAT called "Everything You Need to Know About the Test". It covers the importance of the test and how schools view your score. Schools are trying to access how well you'll be able to manage course work. They don't want to admit anyone who they think will struggle in class. The GMAT is one predictor of your aptitude. But so is your academic record.There are 7 components to an

New Show on MBA Concentrations

Our latest show is on four MBA specialities - Human Resource Management, Accounting, Operations Management and Supply Chains. It is part of a special series we're doing on MBA Tracks. We hope this will be helpful in researching your interests as well as MBA programs. Schools are strong in different areas. Chicago GSB and Wharton have a renowned finance faculty. Schools like UCLA Anderson and Babson are known for a focus on entrepreneurship. In

Blogs anyone?

Thought I would get started on this blog right away by writing about how useful MBA blogs can be!A recent Financial Times article titled "Word of mouth speaks directly to students" highlighted this very fact. The student-run blog at Vanderbilt Owen ( tipped a student's decision to attend their program. Amanda Hopkins said she could see herself fitting into their culture by reading what current students wrote. This probably isn't

Greetings from MBAPodcaster

Hello Everyone!For those of you who don't know us, we produce podcasts, or audio programs, on MBA-related topics. Since our launch in early 2006, we've had a variety of shows covering topics such as the importance of the GMAT, how to write great essays, and how to choose a MBA program, just to name a few. On MBA Podcaster, you hear advice directly from admissions directors at top programs like Wharton, Chicago GSB, and Harvard. We also regularly

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