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Getting into Top Business Schools: 21 Tips & Hints

Don’t put together an application that simply meets the requirements! Build an application that fully highlights your strengths, reflects passion and sincerity, and demonstrates a multi-dimensional personality. With our 21 Tip & Hints, you will discover all the elements that make an application go from good to great.

This e-book contains 57 pages of tips and hints:

  • how to build a personal brand
  • how to demonstrate leadership skills
  • why it’s important to have a post-graduation plan
  • why ‘fit’ is the buzz word in MBA admissions
Price: $19.95

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting into Business School Before You Hit Submit

We’ve culled through countless interviews from our podcasts and videocasts, to bring you advice directly from the words of top MBA admissions directors, business school deans, professors, MBA admissions consultants, current students, alumni, and more. Our vast research has been weaved together in a straightforward, step-by-step guide to give you advice on every part of your application.

This e-book contains 69 pages of detailed strategic advice:

  • how to highlight the key qualities admissions committees highly value
  • how to ask for a recommendation letter
  • how to address weaknesses, such as a low GPA or GMAT score
  • how high you need to score on the GMAT to be competitive
  • how to prepare for an MBA interview
  • how to write effective essays and much more!
Price: $29.95

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