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Getting the Last 50 Points on the GMAT

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You’ve been putting hours upon hours studying for your GMAT, but you can’t seem to get your score to that higher level. Watch "Getting the Last 50 Points on the GMAT" where we explore how to boost your score to thos...

Getting the Last 50 Points on the GMAT

50 points

Standing Out Among the Outstanding

MBA Podcaster co-hosted Microsoft Corporation’s 2nd Annual MBA Panel at their Redmond, WA headquarters. The theme for this year’s panel was “Standing out among the outstanding: Recession, Competition, and Business School Admissions”. The panel, featuring INSEAD, University of Washington Foster School of Business, The National Black MBA Association, and others, helps MBA applicants learn strategies that can help them secure admission to...

Standing Out Among the Outstanding: MBA Schools

An animated discussion rang out in one of the auditoriums on the Microsoft campus in Redmond Thursday, June 18th. The panel of three diverse and knowledgeable guests was assembled by "Africans at Microsoft." The subject, however, broadly applies to anyone considering an MBA who is seeking guidance and, at times, assurance.Hear the event here: full title of the

Microsoft’s 2nd Annual MBA Panel: Soliciting Questions from You!

UPDATE (6/25/09): The Panel was a success! Hear the event here: we all know, the current economic climate is prompting thousands to consider going for their MBA and in turn propelling upward the number of applications to business schools. With the increased competition,

GMAT Test Taking Tips from the Test Prep Experts

The single stand-alone, objective statistic in your application that will be used by the admissions committee to compare you to every other applicant is the score you get on your GMAT -- the Graduate Management Admission Test. The pressure is on to get the best GMAT scores you possibly can as there is an unprecedented increase of MBA school candidates. You can improve your GMAT test-taking skills – we’ve got tips from the experts who run t...

GMAT Test-Taking Tips & Today’s Expert: Veritas Prep

I'm Diana Jordan with MBA Podcaster. I'm working on an upcoming show about the GMAT. I have interviewed five experts who have been giving me their advice on how you can improve your GMAT score.The fifth of five experts on this topic is Brian Galvin of Veritas Prep. Galvin is given to visual examples. He mentions the guy whose car broke down on the day of the test, and he had to sprint. Sweating, then chilled by the air conditioning, the GMAT

The Current Economic Environment

It's official - the U.S. economy is in a recession, and economists predict it's going to get worse before it gets better. With the job market tightening, large companies and even entire industries that used to snap up MBAs as soon as they graduated are instead laying off workers or even shutting down entirely. Meanwhile the tough times are steering more applicants towards business school. What does this all mean to currently enrolled MBA student...

MBA Admission Authors

Whether you’re just starting to think about applying for an MBA or if you’re almost ready to mail in those applications, you likely have many questions about the choices you have to make before you eventually find the perfect school. Fulltime or part-time MBA program? eMBA? iMBA? Europe or the US? A name school or not? How are your GMAT scores? Leadership abilities? Are you unique enough? In this show, we have rounded up five top authors...

Comparing GMAT Test Prep Companies

Business school applicants have been lining up to take the GMAT since 1954. This year it’s your turn. To help you prepare, we have interviewed the various test preparation companies to hear what they have to offer. They’ll discuss the different types of courses they offer from traditional classroom courses to private tutoring and online courses. Each company will have the opportunity to explain how they are unique and what makes them stand...

Comparing Admission Consultants

All reputable admission consultants claim to be mentors and coaches to applicants rather than essay-writers who will write & complete your application from start to finish. But how do you determine if a consultant is right for you and your application needs? How do you differentiate between the many consultants in the marketplace and the various services they offer? Can a consultant really help you? Based on listener questions and feedback...

The finishing touches on your application

Application deadlines for many business schools are just around the corner. As the countdown begins, we'll learn how to best plan out the months, weeks, and days before you hit submit. We'll talk about when you should approach your recommenders, if it's too late to study for the GMAT, where you should be in the essay writing process and you'll also learn about the common mistakes applicants make when pressed to meet the deadline. This time, we...

Acing the MBA Interview

For most MBA programs, being granted an interview is your first step toward acceptance into business school. It’s the opportunity for you to make yourself come alive to the admissions committee and show them why you should be included in their upcoming class. It’s also a time that many candidates have a hard time setting themselves apart from all the other candidates and verbalizing their individual value proposition. Listen in as we discu...

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