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Going Global Boosts MBA Admissions Chances


If you are applying to one of the best business schools in the world, a great way to differentiate yourself is through global work experience. Most candidates I have worked with who have had meaningful international experience get a lot of attention from top-ranked MBA schools. Now I want to emphasize that the key point is  meaningful global experience. That means a two-week trip to Costa Rica doesn’t count. I mean something more like a

10 Tips for Getting Into a Top MBA Program

Connect with Your Inner Rock Star

By Betsy Massar, founder, Master Admissions The business school application scares most people. Sure, it looks simple enough – fill out a few forms, take a standardized test, send transcripts, answer some essay questions, get recommendations, and voilà, you’re in. If only. As the founder of Master Admissions, a veteran of the investment banking and investment management worlds, a graduate of Harvard Business School and resume coach at

The Resume Gap Myth

Prospective MBA students often get very nervous about resumes, worrying madly if they’ve got the perfect sequence for admission to the top business schools. Here’s the good news: 1. It’s ok if you have a gap in your resume 2. There’s no perfect work sequence In fact, I consider the worry about a “resume gap” one of the biggest myths in business school admissions and recruiting. Most people I know aren’t “gapping” at all. They may not

Are you a Non-Traditional MBA Candidate? Then Read This.

Just about everyone, that is, other than McKinsey consultants and Goldman analysts, call themselves non-traditional candidates for business school. Why? Because they think that everyone who will populate the next MBA class comes from management consulting or finance. We all of know a few consultants, investment banking types, and more than a few engineers at business school. And indeed, if you look at the profiles of many business schools

5 Steps to Finding the Right B-School for You

Everybody loves school rankings. They’re fun, they’re competitive, and they make great headlines. But they’re also a bit like political opinion polls: The devil is in the details. Sure, rankings are a great place to start, and they give you some ideas about which MBA programs to explore, but they don’t quite tell you where you best belong. That part is up to you. So, even if you’re just starting to think about business school, it’s time to do

Hoop Dreams and the March Madness of Admissions

Waiting to get admitted is enough to drive a person mad. So mad, that it's a wonder that the admissions process didn't grab the name "March Madness" before college basketball did. The expression goes back to 1939, but it has only been used in relation to the NCAA basketball tournament since 1982. (North Carolina over Georgetown by a point). As an admissions professional, I see many similarities between the two--not just the anticipation,

Goldman Sachs, Greg Smith, and Leadership

The Greg Smith resignation letter from Goldman Sachs is a big deal. And yes, it has some repercussions about leadership and the way it is taught at MBA programs. Already I’ve seen comparisons to Jerry Maguire , which I get, and Don Draper regarding quitting his tobacco client, which is a bit of a stretch. Here's the letter in its entirety. A little coffee with your New York Times op-ed piece? The internet is abuzz with parodies  and

LOL: Managing Stress While Waiting

It’s a tough time in the admissions cycle.  At least for prospective students. Most have submitted applications and are waiting for interviews, or have had interviews and are waiting for decisions. There’s an absence of information that ‘s unnerving. It’s just plain stressful. So is waiting for a job offer or waiting for a chance to be in the starting lineup of the New York Knicks. So, what do you do? Laugh. I got this idea from

When Your Interview is on Skype

I’m wrong. A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on interviewing for a coveted spot in an MBA program and announced right up front “whether it’s for work or for school, the goal of the interviewer is to figure out what kind of a person you are in the flesh.”  I assumed the meeting would be in person. But that’s not always going to be the case, especially with Skype and other emerging technologies. Skype is a Verb This look is for practice

Nailing Your Application Essays

"The admissions committee is looking for the Wizard of Oz combination: you have to have brains, you have to have heart, and you have to have courage," says Betsy Massar of Master Admissions.

Unlike your test scores, transcripts, or recommendation letters, your essays are the one component of your application package that you can have 100% control over. Join us as we speak with top admissions experts on tackling the pers...

Nailing Your Application Essays

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Listener Question: Is Engineering & an MBA a Good Combo?


Question: Is engineering+MBA a good combination? Most of the students who speak in the videos(How to get into....) have worked in the management field. But since I am going to do engineering I will have no such experiences.How is that going to work against me? What is the average number of students with a science background admitted to the top business schools every year? -A. Gogoi Answer: Without a doubt the answer is YES, business

Dual Degree Business School Programs

Although it involves a significant investment of time and money, a dual-degree program can be the ticket to a recession-proof, lucrative career. For those with very specific career goals, the dual degree may present benefits that a single MBA degree may not. These include being able to assume leadership roles in nontraditional MBA careers, increased job options due to specializing in two fields instead of one, and greater leverage when negotia...

Building Your MBA Application Timeline

Planning and getting through the MBA application process can be a daunting task. Where should you start, how should you map out the next year so that everything gets done and gets done well - like when to take the GMAT, when to make your list of schools, when should you actually fill out the application. On this MBA Podcaster show admissions consultants and students give you solid advice on when to start your MBA application process. Some of t...

MBA for Engineers

We often get the question if an MBA makes sense for engineers and how engineers can stand apart in their applications from the many others like them who are applying to business school. To answer the question and more, we’re speaking to an admission consultant, several students, and a couple of deans about engineers and business schools. Which business schools typically like the engineers? How should applicants with engineering backgrounds p...

Business School Panel, hosted by Microsoft Corp

The Africans at Microsoft diversity group recently assembled a panel of experts to talk about earning and making the best of an MBA degree. The panel is a candid discussion with business school admissions and career services people, current students and MBA graduates on a range of topics. Speakers included representatives from some of the best schools in the country, including Harvard Business School; Sloan School of Management at MIT; UC Berk...

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