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Kaplan Test Prep Survey: Business Schools’ Opinion of New GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section

Guest Blog Post by Kaplan Test Prep, originally published on October 24, 2012. MBA Podcaster listeners receive 10% off all Kaplan GMAT courses As a new crop of business school applicants prepares to submit the first set of applications with GMAT scores that include the newly launched GMAT Integrated Reasoning section, Kaplan Test Prep’s 2012 survey of business school admissions officers* suggests that the opinion of business schools of the

Kaplan GMAT Prep Course Winner: Ines’s Review Part I


Dear fellow aspiring BSchoolers, I would like to share with you a piece of wisdom about the GMAT preparation that I learned the hard way – by taking the test 3 times and not scoring the result I believed I deserved. And this wisdom is as follows – taking hundreds of practice tests and reviewing your mistakes will not necessarily teach you to DOMINATE the test. And, unless you dominate the GMAT, you are unlikely to conquer it. To become a true

The Road to Business School

The Road to Business School is the premier forum to meet-and-greet with admissions officers and get an edge in your application. In 2010, "The Road" brought over 20 top business schools to seven cities for open networking sessions, admissions panels, and GMAT breakout sessions. In this MBA Admissions Panel, we hear from admissions representatives fro...

The Road to Business School

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2011 Survey of Business School Admissions Officers from Kaplan Test Prep


Kaplan Test Prep just announced the results of their 2011 Survey of Business School Admissions Officers. It’s a very interesting read for those thinking applying and covers everything from financial aid availability to what the adcom thinks of your Facebook and Twitter pages. Highlights include: For the first time since we began tracking the issue in 2009, a majority (52%) of top business schools say that applicants now have the option to

Some schools say applicants who submit GMAT over GRE have advantage


Hello MBA Podcaster fans! We wanted to share some interesting new info from the recent Kaplan Test Prep Survey about the current business school admissions market. Kaplan Test Prep Survey: Growing Number of Business Schools Accept the GRE – but Nearly a Third of Those Who Do Say Applicants Who Submit a GMAT Score Have an Admissions Advantage Also in Survey: 78% of MBA Programs Predict an Increase in Applications This Cycle

A Kaplan screenshot

Hey guys,This week's post is a simple screen shot of the Kaplan Online Course. I've also explained a few key areas of the way it is set up.If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments. Thanks for joining me on this ride. Keep studying!

Week #3 of Kaplan GMAT Course

I just completed week three of nine at 11:40 last night. I am officially starting the GMAT Madness section of my life – dreaming in equations, looking for evidence, assumption and conclusions in every paragraph I read, starting to think of my life in terms of how to solve for “X”, etc. I'm really worried what this will look like in six weeks! For this week, I’ll leave you with one positive and one possible area of improvement for Kaplan: The

Save $$ On Your GMAT or GRE

Here at MBA Podcaster, we are dedicated to keeping you informed about ways to save money on your MBA preparation since we know the costs can add up fast. One of the most costly parts of the application process can easily be preparing for and taking the GMAT or GRE. Luckily, our friends at Kaplan are making a big effort to make their courses affordable. As of this month, Kaplan drastically chopped their prices on the Classroom Anywhere Courses and

Your FREE Ticket to Destination: Business School Awaits! Value: $300

For the first time ever, Kaplan is hosting an intense 2-day event in NY for anyone serious about going to business school. The event is called Destination: Business School and it will cover just about everything you need to do to prepare for business school: understanding the admissions process, figuring out which b-school is for you, mastering the GMAT, networking, participating in a mock b-school class and more! Plus, you'll get the chance to

Kaplan Giveaway Finalists!

Thanks to everyone that submitted for the Kaplan GMAT course giveaway! We have three finalists in the running and the winner will be announced and contacted at the end of the day. But first, help us in congratulating these finalists! Read their individual stories below and write to them in the comments section. Russell Singh Victor Saad Gelyn Watkins ---------------------------------------------------------- Finalist: Russell

Dealing With a Low GMAT Score

In a 2008 Kaplan survey of 250 MBA admissions officers, 55% said that the GMAT is the most important factor on the business school application. Over 90% said it's one of the top 2 most important factors. Research shows that every 10 point increase in your GMAT score correlates to another $5K in your starting salary after business school. Why? Higher scores help you to gain admission into more competitive, higher-ranked MBA programs, which in t...

MBA Salaries in the Current Economic Climate

Salaries for MBA grads, especially those in the traditionally highly-paid sectors of investment banking and private equity, is a topic of great interest in any economy. It's a given that the finance industry is not the easiest place to find a job at the moment. But for those few MBA grads savvy enough to land a job, what kinds of salaries can they expect? How is the recession affecting MBA grads' salaries in finance jobs, on and off Wall Stree...

GMAT Test Taking Tips from the Test Prep Experts

The single stand-alone, objective statistic in your application that will be used by the admissions committee to compare you to every other applicant is the score you get on your GMAT -- the Graduate Management Admission Test. The pressure is on to get the best GMAT scores you possibly can as there is an unprecedented increase of MBA school candidates. You can improve your GMAT test-taking skills – we’ve got tips from the experts who run t...

GMAT Test-Taking Tips & Today’s Expert: Kaplan Prep

I'm Diana Jordan with MBA Podcaster. I'm working on an upcoming show about the GMAT. GMAT experts are giving me advice on how you can improve your score.Liza Weale with Kaplan shocks me. She says on the GMAT, you'll find "stuff you did in seventh and eighth grade." The point is there is no magic bullet, Weale says, you have to study, practice. She compares prepping for the GMAT with trying to learn French for a vacation in France. Know your

Comparing GMAT Test Prep Companies

Business school applicants have been lining up to take the GMAT since 1954. This year it’s your turn. To help you prepare, we have interviewed the various test preparation companies to hear what they have to offer. They’ll discuss the different types of courses they offer from traditional classroom courses to private tutoring and online courses. Each company will have the opportunity to explain how they are unique and what makes them stand...

Part I of Understanding the Various MBA Tracks

More business schools are crafting specialized curriculums that are giving students a targeted approach to their education and careers. You can get an MBA in finance, global management, technology, real estate, or health-care, just to name a few. This time we'll explore four top MBA programs with concentrations in entrepreneurship, finance, technology and general management. We’ll find out how a specialized curriculum can play a big role in...

Part I of Understanding the Various MBA Tracks


The Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT®, is the single most dreaded part of the business school application process. Everyone has heard the stories and myths surrounding the exam. Listen in as we interview the experts in the field, including the test administrators, and dispel many popular notions about the exam, including the notion that the first 10 questions on the test are most critical and determine your overall score. The deans...

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