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Question from a Listener: How to Respond to Wharton Interview Question


We recently received an email from a listener about Wharton's interview question "What can you bring to the table?": Question: Dear MBA Podcaster, I am applying for Wharton's MBA program and in the interview I've heard that they will ask me what I can bring to the table as part of Wharton's incoming class. Kindly provide me the answer. Answer: We cannot that answer for you but we can point you in the right direction to search

Getting Into Wharton

Go behind-the-scenes to The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in this episode of MBA PodTV! With the help of Kofi Kankam--a Wharton MBA alum and director of Admit Advantage, a global MBA admissions consulting company--you'll discover the key characteristics Wharton looks for in candidates and what makes or breaks a Wharton Business Schoo...

Last Minute Applicants

You've suddenly realized you DO need an MBA to progress in your career. Or maybe you just got laid off and it's the perfect time to go back to school. The only issue? Applications deadlines are days away if not already passed. What options do you have at this point? How can you present your case to the admission's committee without seeming disorganized and haphazard? Our guests will share their strategies with you to help successfully get you...

Access MBA Panel

Our very own MBA PodTV host Mia Saini moderates an admissions panel on "How to be admitted to a Top MBA" at Access MBA in New York. Mia investigates those topics swimming around in your head on MBA admissions. Learn the value add of an MBA, the best time to apply, and the biggest mistakes candidates make when writing essays, studying for the GMAT, and in the MBA interview.


Re-Applying to Business School After Being Rejected

There's been an uptick of MBA applications and that means more competition. As more candidates are vying for the same number of seats at business schools, more applicants are unfortunately getting rejected. Some schools encourage you to reapply while others don't. This time, we'll learn from admissions officers about the re-application process, where you can find feedback, and how you can recover from rejection and re-energize your application...

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