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Student Voices: Taking the Next Step with MBA@UNC


I have been extremely fortunate in my career. I have worked in Canada, Africa and Southeast Asia; I have experience in multiple sectors; and I have had many wonderful mentors. I was freelancing part-time and seeking a full-time job when I realized that I needed an MBA to be more competitive in the workforce. I looked for a highly selective program that would allow me to continue to work as I earned my degree. That is how I discovered

The MBA@UNC Advantage: An Interactive Experience

When I tell people I’m earning my MBA online, they always ask, “How do you meet people? Isn’t networking part of the reason you go to business school in the first place? Why would you give up that experience?” “Why yes, meeting classmates is an important part of business school,” I say, and explain that the idea that an online program lacks networking is one of the misconceptions about online education, at least based on my MBA@UNC experience.

Student Voices: Lessons Learned from MBA@UNC

The other day it dawned on me that I am more than halfway through the MBA@UNC program. With this realization, I mostly felt relief that I have managed to make it this far, but I also felt a sense of nostalgia for the unfettered optimism and enthusiasm with which I began my studies. Though my optimism and enthusiasm remain, I can admit that the first year of MBA@UNC—as with any MBA program—is difficult. When I look back, I realize that I can offer

Inspiration and Opportunity for MBA Applicants

MBA Podcaster host Mia Saini brings special coverage of a Forte Foundation MBA Alumnae Panel from top MBA programs held in Washington DC. The Forte Foundation hosts Forte Forum events that provide opportunities for potential MBA students to learn about business schools and MBA careers. Learn from these veteran MBAs as they field questions from current MBA applicants such as: what to consider when choosing a business school and launching the ap...

Using an MBA to Change Careers

Are you thinking about using an MBA to change careers? In business school they’ll call you a career switcher and you’ll find that you aren’t alone. Up to 90% of MBA candidates consider switching careers during their time on campus. Within just one or two years you can learn the skills and gain the context you need to launch into a new direction. This time we’ll take you through the process that you’d experience through the career man...

MBA Podcaster Day in the Life Series

Join us as we travel to business schools across the country and around the world to bring you an in-depth profile of life and times on campus. This time we travel to Washington, DC to spend a week with students from the OneMBA Program. Listen in as we meet with students, alumni and faculty from UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School and its OneMBA partner schools: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, RSM Erasmus University (Netherlands), EGADE...

MBA Podcaster Day in the Life Series

UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School features a team-based curriculum with a global perspective that prepares students to be leaders in today's business world. The top-ranked MBA programs include a full-time program and three executive MBA formats (Evening, Weekend, Global OneMBA). Follow Mike Kunigonis, a manager from Corning Cable Systems, during a typical weekend at UNC Kenan-Flagler. On this F...

GMAT Not Required

The GMAT score is one of the essential pieces of an application for most full-time MBA programs. But many Executive MBA programs are quietly removing it from the admissions criteria. This time, we’ll explore why more than half of BusinessWeek’s top 25 Executive MBA programs don’t have a GMAT requirement. We’ll also find out if you can apply for a waiver even at the schools where the GMAT is required for admission. Listen in as we talk to...

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