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Dual Degree Business School Programs

Although it involves a significant investment of time and money, a dual-degree program can be the ticket to a recession-proof, lucrative career. For those with very specific career goals, the dual degree may present benefits that a single MBA degree may not. These include being able to assume leadership roles in nontraditional MBA careers, increased job options due to specializing in two fields instead of one, and greater leverage when negotia...

MBA Salaries Part 1

According to recent compensation surveys, MBA salaries are on the rise. That’s good news for MBAs. In 2007, GMAC reported the average MBA starting salary ranged between $80 - $85,000. Many factors influence how much you’ll actually make. Years of experience, location, industry, function, and region are just a few things that can significantly raise or lower your MBA salary. Join us as we explore MBA salaries, how to properly determine how...

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