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From the Military to an MBA

Strong young military leaders often make the successful leap to Corporate America, with the MBA providing the tools. In this show you will hear from more than a dozen deans, soldiers, students and experts about the military-friendly schools, how to find available benefits, you’ll learn about the resources and the challenges. In our companion show, Military MBA: From the Military to Corporate America: Fitting In you will hear how to make th...

Part-Time MBA and Career Changers

The old adage says that if you're looking to change your career you need to go back full-time while pursuing your MBA. We challenge the notion and explore the opportunities available for part-time MBA students to change career tracks in the middle of, or after, their MBA studies. We hear from a corporate recruiter, a part-time alumnus who successfully changed careers and MBA career placement departments. Hear what our experts recommend if you...

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