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Clear Admit Releases Revised 2013-2014 School Guides to Columbia, Harvard, Kellogg, Stanford, Wharton and more!

We are excited to announce the first release of the Clear Admit School Guides, updated for 2013-2014!  Praised by both admissions officers and applicants, the School Guides profile top business schools in detail, addressing programs from the perspectives of students, faculty, alumni and the popular press.  The latest editions of the Chicago Booth, Columbia, Harvard, Kellogg, MIT Sloan, NYU Stern, Stanford, Tuck and Wharton guides, among a number

The Road to Business School

The Road to Business School is the premier forum to meet-and-greet with admissions officers and get an edge in your application. In 2010, "The Road" brought over 20 top business schools to seven cities for open networking sessions, admissions panels, and GMAT breakout sessions. In this MBA Admissions Panel, we hear from admissions representatives fro...

The Road to Business School

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Top 10 Tech-Centric MBA Programs


Do you plan on tacking on an IS concentration to your MBA degree? According to a recent article in CIO Magazine, these tech-centric MBA programs give students the option to combine business administration with information systems studies-- essential for any Senior IT leadership position. The following rank as the U.S. News top 10 business schools for information systems: 1. Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of

Getting into NYU Stern School of Business

Check out our sneak preview of "Getting into NYU Stern School of Business." MBA PodTV host Dilini Fernando takes you behind-the-scenes of NYU Stern School of Business. Learn about NYU Stern's curriculum and specializations. Meet current students and alumni. Get application tips and strategies directly from NYU Stern's Executive Director of Admissions. If you want to get into NYU Stern, y...

Dual Degree Business School Programs

Although it involves a significant investment of time and money, a dual-degree program can be the ticket to a recession-proof, lucrative career. For those with very specific career goals, the dual degree may present benefits that a single MBA degree may not. These include being able to assume leadership roles in nontraditional MBA careers, increased job options due to specializing in two fields instead of one, and greater leverage when negotia...


The GRE is the buzz word around business schools. It's a growing trend among top MBA programs to accept the GRE in addition to the GMAT. Just to name a few: Harvard Business School, Stanford, MIT Sloan, NYU Stern, and Columbia. In this show, you'll find out the key differences between the two tests and learn about the upcoming changes to the GRE in August 2011. If you're asking yourself, "which test should I take?" or "will I do better on the...

Deciding Whether to Pursue a JD and an MBA

Joint degree programs are proliferating and one of the most popular are the programs offering to join a graduate business degree (MBA) with a law degree (JD) for a joint JD/MBA. More and more schools are offering these combined programs in response to strong student demand driven by the potential for substantial savings of time and money. We talk to the experts to find out what the real value of these programs are, when a dual degree makes the...

Dealing With a Low GMAT Score

In a 2008 Kaplan survey of 250 MBA admissions officers, 55% said that the GMAT is the most important factor on the business school application. Over 90% said it's one of the top 2 most important factors. Research shows that every 10 point increase in your GMAT score correlates to another $5K in your starting salary after business school. Why? Higher scores help you to gain admission into more competitive, higher-ranked MBA programs, which in t...

The Current Economic Environment

It's official - the U.S. economy is in a recession, and economists predict it's going to get worse before it gets better. With the job market tightening, large companies and even entire industries that used to snap up MBAs as soon as they graduated are instead laying off workers or even shutting down entirely. Meanwhile the tough times are steering more applicants towards business school. What does this all mean to currently enrolled MBA student...

Business School Admissions Panel

Listen in on an Admission Panel with top business schools around the country. Admissions Directors from NYU Stern, Columbia and Wharton will field questions on a range of topics, all with one goal in mind: how you can beat the odds and gain admittance to their schools.


Top 10 Tips for Getting Into Business School

Graduating from a top MBA program can mean a higher salary, wider name recognition, and greater career opportunities. Doors open and you have a certain level of pre-existing credibility. That's also why top schools are tough to get into; everyone wants it. If you're reaching for a top MBA program, we have 10 great tips on getting you in. On our show are two admissions directors from top MBA programs and an admission’s consultant.


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