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3 Team-Based Discussion Admission Tips


Wharton has introduced a new element to its admissions process – the team-based discussion. Other schools, like INSEAD, are also experimenting with this new evaluation method. These discussions, according to the Wharton invitation letter, allow applicants “the opportunity to interact with…fellow applicants through discourse, which will highlight how [applicants] approach and analyse specific situations.” Through discussion prompts (like what

Essay Tips: INSEAD


INSEAD’s essays require quite a bit of information on your job history, not to mention extensive detail about how you envision your future. The key here is to highlight the aspects of your career that you are most proud of, that show you on a multi-cultural stage, and then to explain how that experience, along with an MBA from globally-focused INSEAD, will allow you to pursue your career goals in the future. JOB DESCRIPTION ESSAYS 1. Briefly

Embrace Your Life and Career Inflection Points for MBA Admissions

mba admissions studio

Avi Gordon, the founder of MBA Admissions Studio, and author of MBA Admissions Strategy: From Profile Building to Essay Writing, describes how your life and career decisions should be best communicated through your application:   In differential calculus an inflection (or inflexion) point is the point on a curve where the curvature changes sign and therefore shape. Lives and careers have inflection points too: those moments where,

Getting Into INSEAD

The INSEAD MBA may be on your radar if you're looking at an international career. It offers its students a chance to study on three continents--Europe, Asia, and North America--while providing access to global recruiters and classmates from nearly every corner of the planet. With the help of Graham Richmond--CEO of the leading business school admissions consulting company 'Clear Admit'--and MBA PodTV host Dilini Fernando, you'll get tips on pr...

Standing Out Among the Outstanding

MBA Podcaster co-hosted Microsoft Corporation’s 2nd Annual MBA Panel at their Redmond, WA headquarters. The theme for this year’s panel was “Standing out among the outstanding: Recession, Competition, and Business School Admissions”. The panel, featuring INSEAD, University of Washington Foster School of Business, The National Black MBA Association, and others, helps MBA applicants learn strategies that can help them secure admission to...

Re-Applying to Business School After Being Rejected

There's been an uptick of MBA applications and that means more competition. As more candidates are vying for the same number of seats at business schools, more applicants are unfortunately getting rejected. Some schools encourage you to reapply while others don't. This time, we'll learn from admissions officers about the re-application process, where you can find feedback, and how you can recover from rejection and re-energize your application...

Going Global For Your MBA

Each year the world becomes a smaller place as multinational organizations expand into new territories and link together people from all over the world. Learn how you can capitalize on this evolution in the business world by going overseas for your MBA. Whether you’re thinking of going abroad for one semester or for your entire MBA program we’ll show you how to make it work. We’ll show you how to understand if this option makes sense for yo...

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