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MBA Podcaster Day in the Life Series

Hawaii Pacific University's Master of Arts in Organizational Change (MA/OC) emphasizes the management, design, implementation, and application of such change methods as continuous improvement and performance management. Students learn how to design innovations for organizational culture change, as well as how to implement an actual program of change in an organization. Forty-two semester hours of graduate work are required to complete the prog...

The Green MBA

The growing awareness of pollution, global warming, and rising sea levels is creating a stir in business education. “Green” courses have been added to curriculums and sustainable development programs are rising in popularity. Join us as we explore new opportunities in the Green Industry, how schools are reacting to the environmental crises, and how Green MBAs are leading the way for change on campuses.


MBA Podcaster Day in the Life Series

Join us as we travel to business schools across the country and around the world to bring you an in-depth profile of life and times on campus. This time we travel to Hawai'i to spend a week at Hawai'i Pacific University. Listen in as we meet with current students, admission's officers, the dean and others.

HPU's full-time MBA program provides ample opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a dynamic learning environment for two...

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