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Clear Admit Releases Revised 2013-2014 School Guides to Columbia, Harvard, Kellogg, Stanford, Wharton and more!

We are excited to announce the first release of the Clear Admit School Guides, updated for 2013-2014!  Praised by both admissions officers and applicants, the School Guides profile top business schools in detail, addressing programs from the perspectives of students, faculty, alumni and the popular press.  The latest editions of the Chicago Booth, Columbia, Harvard, Kellogg, MIT Sloan, NYU Stern, Stanford, Tuck and Wharton guides, among a number

Essay Tips: Harvard Business School

  The 2013 Harvard MBA application questions are entirely new. A few of the more significant changes: Just two required 400-word essay An early round 1 deadline  (September 24) and decision notification date (Dec. 12) An entirely new component: A required “written reflection” on the interview for anyone invited to interview to be submitted within 24 hours of the interview. Poets and Quants says that this reflective piece also

Consider Your Audience in Your Business School Application

I recently attended a workshop at the Stanford Graduate School of Business on pitching business plans to entrepreneurs. The experts there kept hammering it home: consider your audience. An MBA application is like any sales pitch.  Your audience will not only determine what you have to say, but how you are going to say it. Your audience is your target market.  The audience can be one person, it could be hundreds, or it could be a small

HBS Admissions Director Speaks Out on Application Process

There are those who revere her and those who fear her--but one thing is certain about Dee Leopold, director of Harvard Business School admissions—she tells it straight. After the May 22 announcement that HBS would modify its admissions process, Dee made herself available to answer questions. She granted an exclusive interview with Poets & Quants and immediately scheduled a webinar to explain the new process. I’ve posted highlights of that

What We Can Learn From Graduation Speakers

Graduation time ushers in an optimistic feeling. It's a time of celebrating achievements, and more, it's a time of opening up the world for tomorrow’s young adults.  No wonder it’s called “commencement.” For those taking steps toward a business career or hoping to embark on an MBA program, you can draw upon that wisdom as you reflect upon your own experiences and goals.  What better way than to learn than from leaders who have been through

Want to get into b-school? Be yourself!

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "authentic?" My bet would be that you don't automatically think of an MBA student. But someday, you just might. Why? The top business schools are not only looking for applicants with academic potential, but they’re seeking out a new breed of leader—­someone who’s passionate, collaborative, and wants to make a difference in the world. They want applicants with more than good

How Not To Fall Down on the Harvard Business School Setback Essay

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This guest blog post is by Avi Gordon, the founder of MBA Admissions Studio, and author of MBA Admissions Strategy: From Profile Building to Essay Writing: Over many years I’ve written extensively — both here and in my book — about the weakness-failure MBA admissions essay and how to approach it. In fact, it has to be about 8 years since I pioneered the notion of using the failure essay to position the applicant as a leader, because all

Dual Degree Business School Programs

Although it involves a significant investment of time and money, a dual-degree program can be the ticket to a recession-proof, lucrative career. For those with very specific career goals, the dual degree may present benefits that a single MBA degree may not. These include being able to assume leadership roles in nontraditional MBA careers, increased job options due to specializing in two fields instead of one, and greater leverage when negotia...

Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton

Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and The Wharton School are arguably the most prestigious business schools in the country. Every year thousands of applicants target these three programs. With the help of Graham Richmond -- CEO of the leading business school admissions consulting company 'Clear Admit' -- and MBA PodTV host Dilini Fernando, you'll be guided through each of these schools. Learn what makes them unique...

Mastering the GMAT Verbal Section

MBA PodTV host Mia Saini gathers helpful strategies on mastering the Verbal Section of the GMAT with two GMAT gurus from Manhattan GMAT. Find out how you can reach those high GMAT Verbal Scores by using techniques in clock management and nailing down grammar rules. Get several GMAT tips on tackling each of the types of problems including GMAT Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning and GMAT Sentence Correction. Also, discover how a Harvard B...

Getting Into Harvard Business School

MBA PodTV host Mia Saini takes you to her stomping ground, Harvard Business School. Mia draws from her own experiences of applying to and getting into HBS. She also gets advice from current HBS students, an HBS admissions board member and an admissions consultant. Learn about the HBS curriculum, the case method, and tips on preparing your application.


MBA Admissions Panel

On today's show, we bring you coverage of a live event, “MBA Admissions and the New World Order”. How is the "new world order" affecting business schools? Has the MBA curriculum changed as a result of the economic downturn? How are schools coping with the economy? Panelists also answered audience questions about the panel topic, as well as general questions about their programs, admissions, and career prospects for graduates. The June 30th...

Business School Panel, hosted by Microsoft Corp

The Africans at Microsoft diversity group recently assembled a panel of experts to talk about earning and making the best of an MBA degree. The panel is a candid discussion with business school admissions and career services people, current students and MBA graduates on a range of topics. Speakers included representatives from some of the best schools in the country, including Harvard Business School; Sloan School of Management at MIT; UC Berk...

MBA Admission Authors

Whether you’re just starting to think about applying for an MBA or if you’re almost ready to mail in those applications, you likely have many questions about the choices you have to make before you eventually find the perfect school. Fulltime or part-time MBA program? eMBA? iMBA? Europe or the US? A name school or not? How are your GMAT scores? Leadership abilities? Are you unique enough? In this show, we have rounded up five top authors...

MBA Must Reads

If you’re applying for a MBA program or if you’re midstream, you’re likely doing a lot of reading. However, there are some books that you must to read to enhance your candidacy and career prospects. In this show we will hear from students, consultants and authors to guide you to the perfect books that will help round out your skills and open your mind to new paths.


All About Recruiting

You are pursuing your MBA for a purpose, to land the perfect job or enhance your career. How do you turn your dreams into reality? We’ll examine the recruitment process so you can seamlessly land the job that is perfect for you. Our guests will explain how to proceed down the MBA track so that upon graduation you’ll have your choice of opportunities to launch or enhance your career....

The Best Age to Go For Your MBA

It’s been a wide-held notion that in order to get the most out of an MBA education you need at least a few years of working experience. Business schools compounded the theory by favoring candidates with solid work experience and turning out classes with an average age in the late twenties. Recently however, some top schools, including Harvard and Stanford, have been bucking the trend by reaching out to younger applicants in an effort to dive...

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