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Top 10 Tech-Centric MBA Programs


Do you plan on tacking on an IS concentration to your MBA degree? According to a recent article in CIO Magazine, these tech-centric MBA programs give students the option to combine business administration with information systems studies-- essential for any Senior IT leadership position. The following rank as the U.S. News top 10 business schools for information systems: 1. Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of

Top Online MBA Programs

Think you need to quit your job and relocate in order to pursue an MBA? Think again. Many top-flight business schools are offering fully-accredited MBA programs either partially or completely online. These programs offer management professionals the chance to continue their career development while earning an MBA. The online and "hybrid" MBA degree programs we look at in this podcast require varying amounts of team-based, online work and actu...

Part III of Understanding the Various MBA Tracks

Every MBA program has strengths in certain areas. Some schools have a renowned finance faculty, other schools are known for entrepreneurship or general management. By exploring a school's MBA concentrations, you'll get a sense of a program's strengths. In Part III of our series on MBA Tracks, we explore MBA specialties in Accounting, Human Resource Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management. Our guests include professors and directors...

Advice to the Younger Applicants

If you’re younger than the average business school student but want to get an MBA now, you're in a good spot. Top MBA programs are reaching out to applicants with little work experience. We’ll explore some things you can do to compensate for a short resume, what the admissions committee will be looking for in young candidates, and what being young is actually like on campus.


It’s August and You Want to Apply to Business School

If you’re thinking of applying to business school this year, now is the time to get started. You still have enough time to study and prep for the GMAT exam, draft several versions of your essay questions, visit a few top choice schools and ask for letters of recommendation from your allies. But where do you begin and what else should you be preparing for now so that you’re not scrambling to polish your application at the last minute? Find...

Part-time Versus Full-time MBA

When considering the pursuit of an MBA, one of the first options you're likely weighing is going back full-time versus part-time. Historically it has been deemed that for graduate students in business, the decision to attend school full-time vs. part-time largely depends on whether you want to continue on a pre-established career path or alternatively change careers or industries. However with the recent recession and unemployment trends, more...

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