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What to Do the Night Before the GMAT

The GMAT is a marathon, and not a sprint! I like to use the analogy of an endurance athletic event like a marathon or a stage of the Tour de France. At that point, you’re well trained and primed for action -- you really can’t improve your conditioning the day before the race, but you could certainly downgrade your performance by draining your energy or taxing your muscles. The same is true of the GMAT -- you won’t get any “smarter” the night … Read More

The Two Most Common Errors in Data Sufficiency

Author:  Arthur Ahn, Kaplan GMAT Product Manager & Instructor GMAT data sufficiency questions test your ability to analyze a quantitative problem and recognize which information is necessary to figure out the solution.  What a data sufficiency question does NOT test you on is your ability to calculate and number-crunch.  A simpler way of addressing this might be to ask yourself a question as you work through a data sufficiency problem: “Is … Read More

New Year’s Resolution: Create a GMAT Study Schedule

Author: Gina Allison, Kaplan GMAT Instructor It’s that time of year again—time for resolutions and re-assessing your priorities. If getting an MBA is one of your priorities in the near future, then creating an effective GMAT study schedule should be one of your top January goals. You would be surprised at how many ways there are to fit GMAT study into your busy schedule. As I’ve worked on the Kaplan GMAT Revision and looked at the new material … Read More

Access MBA Panel

Our very own MBA PodTV host Mia Saini moderates an admissions panel on "How to be admitted to a Top MBA" at Access MBA in New York. Mia investigates those topics swimming around in your head on MBA admissions. Learn the value add of an MBA, the best time to apply, and the biggest mistakes candidates make when writing essays, studying for the GMA...

GMAT Test-Taking Tips from the Test Prep Experts

A boom in applications to business schools is not surprising MBA admissions officers, who say a similar upturn occurred following the dot-com crash earlier in this decade.  The increase in B-school applications is -- once again -- fueled by the economic crisis.  Applicants recognize that scoring well on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) will help secure them a spot at competitive business schools thereby increasing their likelihood of … Read More

Military — Good Fit for Corporate Life

The next generation of CEO's could very well spring from the military. And Melissa Knueven -- the Associate Director at the Global Citizen Initiatives at the Graduate Management Admission Council -- says military are strong young leaders, who have been tested under stressful situations most of us could never even imagine. They are able, she says, to solve problems with imperfect information. Knueven says, add the MBA, and you have a strong … Read More

Conquering the GMAT

MBA Podcaster host Mia Saini hunts down great GMAT tips and GMAT preparation ideas from Manhattan GMAT. Discover how much you can improve from your first GMAT practice test, as well as what to do the night before and the day of the GMAT exam. Learn about GMAT's computer adap...

Dealing With a Low GMAT Score

In a 2008 Kaplan survey of 250 MBA admissions officers, 55% said that the GMAT is the most important factor on the business school application. Over 90% said it's one of the top 2 most important factors. Research shows that every 10 point increase in your GMAT score correlates to another $5K in your starting salary after business school. Why? Hi...

Summary of Free GMAT Classes That Are Currently Being Offered

Many test-prep companies these days are offering free sample GMAT classes. Take advantage of the offers, test out the various companies and find a teacher that really clicks with you. 1. ManhattanGMAT: Free class at many locations across the U.S. They also offer a free CAT, study flashcards and free online trial classes For $100 off any ManhattanGMAT class, use the promo code … Read More

GMAT Test Taking Tips from the Test Prep Experts

The single stand-alone, objective statistic in your application that will be used by the admissions committee to compare you to every other applicant is the score you get on your GMAT -- the Graduate Management Admission Test. The pressure is on to get the best GMAT scores you possibly can as there is an unprecedented increase of MBA school cand...

Comparing GMAT Test Prep Companies

Business school applicants have been lining up to take the GMAT since 1954. This year it’s your turn. To help you prepare, we have interviewed the various test preparation companies to hear what they have to offer. They’ll discuss the different types of courses they offer from traditional classroom courses to private tutoring and online cour...

MBA Resources

With MBA-related websites, articles, blogs, rankings, organizations, events, books and podcasts, there is a wealth of information out there on business school. This time, we’re going to highlight just a few resources that can help you in your application process. You’ll hear about The MBA Tour, QS World MBA Tour, Forte Forums as well as busi...

Comparing Admission Consultants

All reputable admission consultants claim to be mentors and coaches to applicants rather than essay-writers who will write & complete your application from start to finish. But how do you determine if a consultant is right for you and your application needs? How do you differentiate between the many consultants in the marketplace and the var...

GMAT Not Required

The GMAT score is one of the essential pieces of an application for most full-time MBA programs. But many Executive MBA programs are quietly removing it from the admissions criteria. This time, we’ll explore why more than half of BusinessWeek’s top 25 Executive MBA programs don’t have a GMAT requirement. We’ll also find out if you can apply...

The 360 Degree Guide to Applying For & Getting Your MBA

Listen in as we cover everything you need to know about applying and getting your MBA. We are covering all the bases from picking the right schools to apply to, calculating your ROI, improving your GMAT score, tackling the essay questions, nailing the interview, deciding on a school, what to do before you hit campus, and how to launch your caree...


The Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT®, is the single most dreaded part of the business school application process. Everyone has heard the stories and myths surrounding the exam. Listen in as we interview the experts in the field, including the test administrators, and dispel many popular notions about the exam, including the notion t...

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