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MBA Hiring 2013 Looking Up – Specialized Master’s on Fire!


According to a GMAC press release, employers are expressing early optimism for 2013 MBA hiring. Here are some of the key findings of the GMAC’s 2012 Year-End Poll of Employers, which includes responses from over 200 employers who hire students from graduate business programs: 76% of employers expect to hire 2013 MBA grads. Last year, only 69% hired 2012 grads. 43% of employers plan on hiring Master in Management grads (up 10% from last

Use Your MBA Goals MAP to Reach Your Destination

“X” marks the spot – your dream school. You see it right in front of you in clear sight. But, your X school asks for a goals essay. How can you approach it? What should go into it? We like to look at your post-MBA goal as the star that will guide you to achieve your immediate goal – admission to your top b-school. If the rest of your application is top-notch, but then your goals essay appears confused and aimless, so will you.  And that

Networking for MBA Admissions Fun and Profit

Networking, or talking to anyone and everyone about business school and the MBA admissions process, is more than just an exercise -- you can use it to test out your own ideas and then open yourself up to new ones. It has been said that the best ideas are talked about. Good ideas are inspired by, and refined with, conversation. Right in Your Own Backyard As you are mulling over your business school plans (Can I? Should I? When? Where? How?),

What We Can Learn From Graduation Speakers

Graduation time ushers in an optimistic feeling. It's a time of celebrating achievements, and more, it's a time of opening up the world for tomorrow’s young adults.  No wonder it’s called “commencement.” For those taking steps toward a business career or hoping to embark on an MBA program, you can draw upon that wisdom as you reflect upon your own experiences and goals.  What better way than to learn than from leaders who have been through

How to Make the Most of Your MBA: A Primer for Entrepreneurs-to-Be

This week's tips come courtesy of Alison Albeck Lindland, a fellow Vassar graduate who went on to get her MBA from Columbia Business School, graduating in 2008.  Prior to business school Alison worked on the Goldman Sachs and Jaguar accounts at OgilvyInteractive and was an early team member at, a startup media and ticket software company. After graduating from CBS, she worked at American Express Interactive, and is now director

3 Answers to the Older Applicant Employability Question

MBA Podcaster regularly received inquires from older business school applicants who are concerned about their chances of getting into their program of choice. This guest blog post by Linda Abraham, president and founder of, addresses some of these common concerns: Realize that business school career centers are geared to graduates with a certain level of work experience. If you vary too far from the mean, admissions committees

Listener Question: Is Engineering & an MBA a Good Combo?


Question: Is engineering+MBA a good combination? Most of the students who speak in the videos(How to get into....) have worked in the management field. But since I am going to do engineering I will have no such experiences.How is that going to work against me? What is the average number of students with a science background admitted to the top business schools every year? -A. Gogoi Answer: Without a doubt the answer is YES, business

Is the MBA Obsolete?


Today we're sharing an excellent article from IMD business school about the role of the MBA degree in the global marketplace and its relevance in teaching students what they need to be successful on the job. Is the MBA Obsolete? Maybe, unless it changes By IMD Professor Martha Maznevski - February 2011 The world is more complex today than ever. Is the MBA still a good way to prepare business leaders in this new world? Much has been said

Career Opportunities for Green MBAs

The buzz in business right now is ‘triple bottom line’: people, planet, profit. Sustainability issues have made it into the consciousness of business leaders and they need MBAs who understand how to incorporate the issues into the decision making process. Demand exists but how exactly does the global green movement translate into GREEN, as in competitive salaries, for business school grads? Today’s show will focus on real-life career opp...

Using an MBA to Change Careers

Are you thinking about using an MBA to change careers? In business school they’ll call you a career switcher and you’ll find that you aren’t alone. Up to 90% of MBA candidates consider switching careers during their time on campus. Within just one or two years you can learn the skills and gain the context you need to launch into a new direction. This time we’ll take you through the process that you’d experience through the career man...

MBA Salaries in the Current Economic Climate

Salaries for MBA grads, especially those in the traditionally highly-paid sectors of investment banking and private equity, is a topic of great interest in any economy. It's a given that the finance industry is not the easiest place to find a job at the moment. But for those few MBA grads savvy enough to land a job, what kinds of salaries can they expect? How is the recession affecting MBA grads' salaries in finance jobs, on and off Wall Stree...

PBS Presents CEO Exchange

This week we bring you an episode of PBS's production CEO EXCHANGE. Taped in front of a live audience of MBA students at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, you will hear two CEOs who are leading their venerable companies into the modern era. At General Electric, Jeff Immelt continues to put a charge into the Most Admired Company in the United States while making infrastructure and environmental solutions the new engines for growth....

The Current Economic Environment

It's official - the U.S. economy is in a recession, and economists predict it's going to get worse before it gets better. With the job market tightening, large companies and even entire industries that used to snap up MBAs as soon as they graduated are instead laying off workers or even shutting down entirely. Meanwhile the tough times are steering more applicants towards business school. What does this all mean to currently enrolled MBA student...

Getting an MBA Later in Life

Are you ever too old to go for your MBA? If you’re feeling like the clock is ticking and you’re over thirty-five… this show is for you. You may already have a healthy salary but a nagging feeling that you can do better and move higher up the corporate ladder. Is it worth going back to the classroom this far down the road? We will get advice from so-called older MBA’s, directors of MBA and EMBA programs, and an expert job-seeker....

Do Business Schools Prepare Good Managers

If you’ve got your eye on moving into a management position you’re probably seriously considering getting an MBA. Knowing that a business school degree will take a significant amount of time and money, you’re probably wondering if it’s a good move. Do Business Schools prepare good managers? That’s the question we explore today and in this show we will hear from a student, a professor, a recruiter and an author – to guide you to the ri...

MBA Salaries Part 1

According to recent compensation surveys, MBA salaries are on the rise. That’s good news for MBAs. In 2007, GMAC reported the average MBA starting salary ranged between $80 - $85,000. Many factors influence how much you’ll actually make. Years of experience, location, industry, function, and region are just a few things that can significantly raise or lower your MBA salary. Join us as we explore MBA salaries, how to properly determine how...

Answering Your MBA Related Questions

After receiving a number of MBA related questions from our listeners, we went out to find the answers. This time, we answer questions on MBA salaries, career options, courses to take to prepare for business school, and much more. Join us as we hear from GMAC (The Graduate Management Admission Council), an admission’s director, career development directors, and an admission consultant....

Part II of Understanding the Various MBA Tracks

Focusing your MBA education on a particular concentration can have several benefits. It can fill in gaps in work history, give you expertise in a field, and help you break into a specific industry. In Part I of our series on MBA Tracks, we learned that there’s a difference between just taking an elective course to actually specializing your MBA degree. In Part II, we explore four more popular tracks in non-profit management, marketing, real...

MBA Must Reads

If you’re applying for a MBA program or if you’re midstream, you’re likely doing a lot of reading. However, there are some books that you must to read to enhance your candidacy and career prospects. In this show we will hear from students, consultants and authors to guide you to the perfect books that will help round out your skills and open your mind to new paths.


MBA Summer Internships

Landing the best summer internship possible is of huge importance for first-year MBA students. It’s often referred to as the “12-week interview” since an internship can lead to your next full-time job. Every MBA student is encouraged to get a summer internship and competition is tough. This time, we will explore what to look for in an internship, what it can do for you, and how to find and choose the best one. We speak to two career managem...

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