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What Does that GMAT Score MEAN?

Learn how to decipher your GMAT score when you attend’s FREE, live webinar, That GMAT Score: Implications for Your MBA Application. During the webinar, CEO Linda Abraham will answer a number of GMAT questions, including: Should you take a GMAT prep course? How competitive is your GMAT score? Should you retake the GMAT? How do the adcom view your score? …and more! Register for That GMAT Score: Implications

Getting a European MBA: A Unique Experience

Expand your international network

When choosing between business schools in Europe and the United States, the main thing to keep in mind is that the decision is very personal. Take a good look at the available options and do not let yourself be influenced by rankings. If your background fits in better with a school that may be a little outside the top 10, 20 or 30, don't let that worry you. Here are some of the advantages European business schools have over their overseas

MBA 2014 – READY, SET, GO!


Why am I nagging you to get moving on your MBA application prep? Not just because those Round 1 deadlines creep up with wicked stealth and speed (last year, HBS broke the September barrier). But also because there is so much you can still do between now and then to improve your candidacy (sometimes a lot, sometimes on the margins, but margins matter). Also, preparing now will enable you to apply to more programs earlier, and therefore to

10 Tips for Getting Into a Top MBA Program

Connect with Your Inner Rock Star

By Betsy Massar, founder, Master Admissions The business school application scares most people. Sure, it looks simple enough – fill out a few forms, take a standardized test, send transcripts, answer some essay questions, get recommendations, and voilà, you’re in. If only. As the founder of Master Admissions, a veteran of the investment banking and investment management worlds, a graduate of Harvard Business School and resume coach at

MBA Exclusive: the Access MBA One-to-One Tour in New York

When: May 22nd from 4pm to 9:30pm Where:  Warwick New York Hotel How to Attend: Register online Meet the world’s top business schools and find the MBA program that is right for you! The Access MBA Tour will soon bring together the best MBA programs and interested candidates in New York. This is a unique opportunity to invest in your career and choose the business school that best meets your expectations. Highlights of the Tour:

Clear Admit Releases Updated School Snapshots for 2013-2014, Offering Free Summaries of 27 Leading MBA Programs

Clear Admit announced the release of their 2013-2014 School Snapshots, free overviews of 27 of the world’s top MBA programs packed with essential information to help early bird applicants learn about their target schools. Last year, MBA hopefuls downloaded tens of thousands of inaugural-edition Snapshots as a critical “first step” in their MBA application journeys. The Snapshots provide objective, concise information on each program’s faculty,

Student Voices: Taking the Next Step with MBA@UNC


I have been extremely fortunate in my career. I have worked in Canada, Africa and Southeast Asia; I have experience in multiple sectors; and I have had many wonderful mentors. I was freelancing part-time and seeking a full-time job when I realized that I needed an MBA to be more competitive in the workforce. I looked for a highly selective program that would allow me to continue to work as I earned my degree. That is how I discovered

The MBA@UNC Advantage: An Interactive Experience

When I tell people I’m earning my MBA online, they always ask, “How do you meet people? Isn’t networking part of the reason you go to business school in the first place? Why would you give up that experience?” “Why yes, meeting classmates is an important part of business school,” I say, and explain that the idea that an online program lacks networking is one of the misconceptions about online education, at least based on my MBA@UNC experience.

Why having an MBA is Important in 2013

When you make the decision to go to graduate school, you take a lot into consideration. Is it worth the tuition money? Will an MBA benefit my career path? Is pursuing another degree worth the time? While an MBA isn’t for everyone, everyone needs a job. If the past couple years have solidified anything, it’s that the job market is unpredictable. In a volatile economy, it’s important to stand out from the crowd when applying for sought-after

Student Voices: Lessons Learned from MBA@UNC

The other day it dawned on me that I am more than halfway through the MBA@UNC program. With this realization, I mostly felt relief that I have managed to make it this far, but I also felt a sense of nostalgia for the unfettered optimism and enthusiasm with which I began my studies. Though my optimism and enthusiasm remain, I can admit that the first year of MBA@UNC—as with any MBA program—is difficult. When I look back, I realize that I can offer

Tips for Tackling Team Interviews


With the emerging trend of group interviews at schools like Wharton, applicants need to understand that team interviews require a different set of skills than individual interviews.  I liken individual interviews to blind dating.  With individual interviews and blind dating, both parties are trying to figure out if they want to spend more time together. Personality, passion and concise, yet interesting stories will pique the interest of the

Should You Apply to B-School Round 3 or Next Year?


The answer, as is often case in MBA admissions, is…it depends. The chances of gaining acceptance decrease as the rounds progress. That means that acceptance rates during R3 are generally lower than during R1 and R2. Similarly, grants and scholarships are harder to come by later in the admissions game. Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t apply. Your chances of acceptance = 0 if you don’t apply. They are >0 if you do

Should You Take the GMAT or GRE?

69% of b-schools now accept the GRE (including Stanford, HBS, Wharton, Booth, and MIT Sloan, among others), so MBA applicants will need to decide whether the GMAT or GRE will better increase their chances of acceptance. Here are some factors you should consider when making this decision: GMAT: Take the GMAT if at least one of the b-schools you’re applying to doesn’t accept the GRE. GMAT: If you plan on a post-MBA career in investment

The MBA Tour: 2013 USA Conference Schedule


The MBA Tour's US 2013 Conferences #USMBATOUR13 The dates for the upcoming MBA Tour in the USA are up! Meet Admissions Directors & Alumni MBA Panels covering Admissions & Financing School Presentations to easily compare programs Bonus GMAT Strategy Classes Los Angeles February 4, 2013 San Francisco February 7, 2013 New York February 9, 2013 Washington DC February 11, 2013 Participating Business Schools: American

How to Manage Word Limits and Deadlines

Dealing with Application Deadlines: Set yourself a schedule and work backwards from your deadlines. Allow time for the holidays, sleep, exercise, and of course work. Focus first on the applications with the earliest deadlines. Work on applications one at a time. Adapt essays from your first application, when possible, to later applications. However never merely paste in an essay because the question is similar. Customize it for this

MBA Hiring 2013 Looking Up – Specialized Master’s on Fire!


According to a GMAC press release, employers are expressing early optimism for 2013 MBA hiring. Here are some of the key findings of the GMAC’s 2012 Year-End Poll of Employers, which includes responses from over 200 employers who hire students from graduate business programs: 76% of employers expect to hire 2013 MBA grads. Last year, only 69% hired 2012 grads. 43% of employers plan on hiring Master in Management grads (up 10% from last

The Resume Gap Myth

Prospective MBA students often get very nervous about resumes, worrying madly if they’ve got the perfect sequence for admission to the top business schools. Here’s the good news: 1. It’s ok if you have a gap in your resume 2. There’s no perfect work sequence In fact, I consider the worry about a “resume gap” one of the biggest myths in business school admissions and recruiting. Most people I know aren’t “gapping” at all. They may not

Kaplan Test Prep Survey: Business Schools’ Opinion of New GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section

Guest Blog Post by Kaplan Test Prep, originally published on October 24, 2012. MBA Podcaster listeners receive 10% off all Kaplan GMAT courses As a new crop of business school applicants prepares to submit the first set of applications with GMAT scores that include the newly launched GMAT Integrated Reasoning section, Kaplan Test Prep’s 2012 survey of business school admissions officers* suggests that the opinion of business schools of the

Why you should attend The Economist’s Which MBA? Online Fair on November 14-15

Take the next step in your MBA journey by connecting with dozens of business schools around the world. Here are the top 4 reasons you should attend the Which MBA? Online Fair: 1.     Talk to admissions officers and get immediate answers. When you enter a group chat room or start chatting privately with an admissions officer, you can get answers to all your questions right away. Plus, you can see what other prospective students are

3 Team-Based Discussion Admission Tips


Wharton has introduced a new element to its admissions process – the team-based discussion. Other schools, like INSEAD, are also experimenting with this new evaluation method. These discussions, according to the Wharton invitation letter, allow applicants “the opportunity to interact with…fellow applicants through discourse, which will highlight how [applicants] approach and analyse specific situations.” Through discussion prompts (like what

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