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Top 10 Tips for Elite MBA Admissions


By Avi Gordon, Founder of MBA Admissions Studio and author of MBA Admissions Strategy: From Profile Building to Essay Writing Top tier business schools reject about 8 out of 9 applicants for their full-time MBA programs. It’s that competitive! The following are 10 ways to make your application more successful: 1. Show self-knowledge. The Greek Oracle at Delphi said “know thyself” and this is the golden key to admissions. If you know who you

USC Marshall School of Business

The MBA Podcaster's One-Minute MBA Series brings you an informative and insightful videocast from the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business . With the stop clock ticking, we ask Kellee Scott and Sheryl Schreiber, the Senior Associate Directors of USC's MBA Admissions, pressing questions to aid you in your application process. With focused, one minute response...

WPI School of Business

This One-Minute MBA Series features the Worcester Polytechnic Institute's School of Business which prides itself on fostering entrepreneurial leaders with solid skills in both business and technology. We speak with Admissions Director Allyssa Bates, and David Price and Ia Hagan, who provide insight into the MBA program, and who more importantly, answer your pressing ques...

FIA Business School

Considering an international MBA program? Explore the University of São Paulo's Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA), one of the pioneering programs in Latin America. FIA's Dean, Professor James Wright, discusses how their top-tier program distinguishes itself from other international programs. Wright address the difference between their EMBA and MBA programs and...

UBC Sauder School of Business

The University of British Colombia's Sauder School of Business offers a range of MBA programs that could be just right for you. This One-Minute series interview's the school's Associate Director, Arthur Redillas, and Admissions & Recruitment Managers, Shane Moore and Jennifer Ferguson, who provide credible insight into their MBA program and its admissions process. Our interviewees add...

Getting Into ESADE Business School

Study for your MBA on the shores of the Mediterranean in one of the world’s top-ranked business schools. With over 50 years experience shaping business leaders and a heavy focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and CSR, it’s no wonder students from over 45 nationalities come as far as Barcelona to study at ESADE. The flexible MBA program allows students to complete their MBA in 12, 15 or 18 months and adapt their studies to their life and c...

EMBA Student Panel

On today’s show we bring you reflections from students who are currently balancing an executive MBA program, their work and more. Some are high level execs, some are entrepreneurs, some are managers at Fortune 100 companies. How do they do it? Do they get the same opportunities as regular, full-time MBA students? If you’re only there on weekends, what’s the faculty interaction like? Is there any synergy between school and work? Listen in...

Do I apply to Business School in Round 3?

By Betsy Massar, Founder of MBA admission consulting company Master Admissions It’s the end the second-round cycle. Some of you got some great news about interview invitations and are busily practicing in front of the mirror. Or at a very least, you reviewing their essays and old blog posts that I and others have written about telling stories in the interview . I’ve always maintained that the students and admissions directors who may be

Adcom is not a Venture Capital Firm

By Avi Gordon, Founder of MBA Admissions Studio I am sometimes asked for the greatest mistakes applicants make in MBA admissions essays, and at some point I will pull together my all-time list. In the meantime, here is a mistake that I have seen a lot among clients this year so far - muddling up the demands of MBA admissions and a venture capital (VC) pitch.

MBA Applicant Case Studies

This week we’re bringing you case study evaluations for three different mock business school applicants. One comes from an international background, another with a “typical” investment banking background, one who was laid off and has a gap on his resume and some who have low GMAT verb and/or quant scores. The show is moderated by Jeremy Shinewald, founder of

Building Your MBA Application Timeline

Planning and getting through the MBA application process can be a daunting task. Where should you start, how should you map out the next year so that everything gets done and gets done well - like when to take the GMAT, when to make your list of schools, when should you actually fill out the application. On this MBA Podcaster show admissions consultants and students give you solid advice on when to start your MBA application process. Some of t...

Managing the ‘Blink’ factor in MBA Admissions

By Avi Gordon, Founder of MBA Admissions Studio There's a book called Blink, by New Yorker Magazine writer and celebrity author Malcolm Gladwell, about the power of “first impressions.” Gladwell says the decisions we make in the first few seconds during which we appraise information and make instant judgments oftentimes produce better, more accurate conclusions than decisions made by way of exhaustive analysis. Whether or not this is true—and

Getting Into Wharton

Go behind-the-scenes to The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in this episode of MBA PodTV! With the help of Kofi Kankam--a Wharton MBA alum and director of Admit Advantage, a global MBA admissions consulting company--you'll discover the key characteristics Wharton looks for in candidates and what makes or breaks a Wharton Business Schoo...

Getting Into Chicago Booth

In this episode of MBA PodTV, host Dilini Fernando takes you to her home turf: The University of Chicago Booth School of Business! Dilini is a 2nd year student and has insights into the program you won't want to miss. You'll also get expert admissions advice from Graham Richmond, CEO and co-founder of Clear Admit. Find out about Chicago's flexible curriculum and get tips on tackling essay #3. Meet the Deputy Dean, some of Dilini's classmates,...

Stanford GSB

Each year the Stanford Graduate School of Business has the hard job of deciphering who--among the 7500+ applicants--deserves a spot in their next incoming class of roughly 370. With such high stakes, you'll want expert advice on how to present yourself at your very best. In this episode of MBA PodTV, we've brought on Linda Abraham, founder & president of She'll break down each of the 2012-2013 essay questions and give you adv...

MBA Tour

Wondering what happens at an MBA Fair or Tour? Now is your chance to get a behind-the-scenes view of how the tours work, what school reps are looking for when they meet potential applicants and how to make the most of your time. Guests feature the CEO of The MBA Tour, admissions reps from various business schools and current applicants.


Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton

Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and The Wharton School are arguably the most prestigious business schools in the country. Every year thousands of applicants target these three programs. With the help of Graham Richmond -- CEO of the leading business school admissions consulting company 'Clear Admit' -- and MBA PodTV host Dilini Fernando, you'll be guided through each of these schools. Learn what makes them unique...

MBA Timeline: How Long Do You Need For The Application Process

You've decided to apply to business school, but now the daunting task of planning and getting through application process is before you. Where should you start, how should you map out the next year so that everything gets done and gets done well - like when to take the GMAT, when to make your list of schools, when should you actually fill out the application. I've been working on an upcoming MBA Podcaster show titled "MBA Timeline: What To Do

It's Time to Pursue An MBA

It’s a new year and many economists think the recession is waning. If you’re looking ahead and figuring ways to advance your career, the MBA route might be the ticket. It’s never too late to continue your education! There are various types of programs with innovative specializations and accommodating schedules for busy professionals or for those that want to go full-time. Take the time and do the research so that you can make an informed

The Trouble with MBA Admissions Writing

There are unique, specific considerations to be made for all types of admissions writing. It comes as no surprise that the expectations of a college applicant will be very different than those of an MBA applicant, illustrated by the very nature of most MBA essay prompts. However, what makes MBA admissions writing so daunting for most is the challenge of presenting a thoughtful, self-reflective narrative in a very directed way worthy of an MBA

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