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Want to get into b-school? Be yourself!

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "authentic?" My bet would be that you don't automatically think of an MBA student. But someday, you just might. Why? The top business schools are not only looking for applicants with academic potential, but they’re seeking out a new breed of leader—­someone who’s passionate, collaborative, and wants to make a difference in the world. They want applicants with more than good

3 Steps to a Successful MBA Reapplication Effort


Have you been dinged from your top choice MBA programs? Don’t despair – get back on that application horse and try again! (In other words, it's time to put your best efforts forward again in the MBA reapplication process.) Here's what you should do: 1.      Analyze why you were rejected. Was there a problem with your MBA profile (like you not have enough work experience or your GMAT was too low)? Or were you competitive but your actual

The Myth of the Flawless Applicant

Once upon a time there was a beautiful b-school applicant who had a perfect GMAT score, a 4.0 GPA, a dazzling resume, and glowing recommendations. She devoted all her spare time to serving her community, that is, when she wasn't dabbling in her hobby of bassoon-tuning or spinning wool into gold to hand out to needy orphans. To top it all off, she had the glossiest, longest hair, to-die-for eyelashes, and the straightest, whitest teeth – and she

Hoop Dreams and the March Madness of Admissions

Waiting to get admitted is enough to drive a person mad. So mad, that it's a wonder that the admissions process didn't grab the name "March Madness" before college basketball did. The expression goes back to 1939, but it has only been used in relation to the NCAA basketball tournament since 1982. (North Carolina over Georgetown by a point). As an admissions professional, I see many similarities between the two--not just the anticipation,

What to Do When You’re Waitlisted without Feedback


It is true: The world would be a better place if all b-schools offered application feedback to their waitlisted applicants. But alas, few do, and life goes on. If you've been waitlisted feedback-less, then the following advice will help you tip the scales in your favor and turn that waitlist status into the acceptance you deserve. 1.     Complete your own application assessment. Why wasn't your application stacked on the top of the "instant

The Round 3 Question

Some business school applicants are legitimately wondering whether they should go ahead and apply in Round 3 for the 2012 entering class.  Some realize that if they don’t apply in this round, they probably won’t matriculate this year. Others figure that they should take advantage of this one last chance to round out their choices. If you are thinking of Round 3, take a look at the following list of do’s and don’ts. It just may help you decide

5 Fantastic Application Tips for Chinese Applicants


Top business schools usually accept, depending on class size, a few to several Chinese applicants per class each year. How can you make sure that you're one of them? The follow 5 tips will help you increase the competitiveness of your application and boost your chances of acceptance: 1.     Prove how you will excel in the Western business world. Include all experiences you've had working overseas or in multicultural business

How to Find Your Voice, Then Sell It to Harvard

Do you worry about how well you’re conveying your “personal brand” in your application? If so, have no fear. We’ve highlighted three key areas that will help you seal the deal with schools like Harvard, Wharton, Columbia, Stanford, and so on. First off, chill out.  Luckily for business school applicants, formal education is pretty straightforward when compared to say: entertainment artistry. The goal posts are very clearly defined. You need

Embrace Your Life and Career Inflection Points for MBA Admissions

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Avi Gordon, the founder of MBA Admissions Studio, and author of MBA Admissions Strategy: From Profile Building to Essay Writing, describes how your life and career decisions should be best communicated through your application:   In differential calculus an inflection (or inflexion) point is the point on a curve where the curvature changes sign and therefore shape. Lives and careers have inflection points too: those moments where,

Test Your MBA Reapplication IQ!


You didn't get in, so you're trying again now – good for you for putting yourself out there and working hard (again) to achieve your b-school dream! Most MBA reapplicants worry about how the adcoms will view them as repeat applicants. Test your MBA reapplication knowledge by determining if the following statements are true or false: 1. True or False: If you were rejected once, then you'll probably be rejected again. False! Many

What ‘Angry Birds’ Can Teach Us About MBA Admissions Success


This guest blog post is by Avi Gordon, the founder of MBA Admissions Studio, and author of MBA Admissions Strategy: From Profile Building to Essay Writing. Luckily, back when I applied for b-school there was no such thing as ‘Angry Birds.’ As Oscar Wilde said: I can resist anything except temptation. Even now, my iPhone winks at me… I resist. But I maintain everything we do and everything we are is potentially of value in competitive MBA

4 Good Excuses for Frequent Job Switchers

You've got great stats and strong skills. Any top business school would be thrilled to have you join its next class…almost. There's one obstacle standing in your way: your MBA resume. The problem is that you are victim to what can be referred to as Frequent Job-Switching Syndrome (or FJSS). Those who suffer from FJSS may have impressive jobs listed on their resumes – that's not the problem; the problem is that they've got way too many of them.

MBA Application Hurdles: 5 Things to Consider When Applying with a Criminal Record

While a criminal record does work as a strike against you, it's not always an insurmountable problem. President and founder of, Linda Abraham, considers the following: 1.    When were you convicted and how severe was your crime? The adcoms will judge you differently depending on what you did and how long ago you did it. For example, did you shoplift from the Dollar Store back in high school on a dare? Are you guilty of

3 Answers to the Older Applicant Employability Question

MBA Podcaster regularly received inquires from older business school applicants who are concerned about their chances of getting into their program of choice. This guest blog post by Linda Abraham, president and founder of, addresses some of these common concerns: Realize that business school career centers are geared to graduates with a certain level of work experience. If you vary too far from the mean, admissions committees

The Road to Business School

The Road to Business School is the premier forum to meet-and-greet with admissions officers and get an edge in your application. In 2010, "The Road" brought over 20 top business schools to seven cities for open networking sessions, admissions panels, and GMAT breakout sessions. In this MBA Admissions Panel, we hear from admissions representatives fro...

The Road to Business School

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MBA Application Essay Facts: True or False?

This guest blog post by Linda Abraham, president and founder of, gives you the chance to test your MBA admissions IQ! Fact #1: Essays are read by machines, not people. False! If MBA application essays were run through machines, then all you'd need to do is string together a list of keywords to prove your abilities as a future businessperson. However, writing words like "leadership," "management," and "success" will mean nothing

10 Steps to Getting into a Top MBA

You're planning to apply to business school but do you have a plan for applying? In this video from MBA PodTV, special guests, Tyler Cormney and Chris Aitken, co-founders of MBA Prep School share a complete work plan and application strategy for applying to business school -- from researching schools and writing your essays to acing your MBA interview. This step-by-step work plan will tell you what you n...

10 Steps to Getting into a Top MBA

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Nailing Your Application Essays

"The admissions committee is looking for the Wizard of Oz combination: you have to have brains, you have to have heart, and you have to have courage," says Betsy Massar of Master Admissions.

Unlike your test scores, transcripts, or recommendation letters, your essays are the one component of your application package that you can have 100% control over. Join us as we speak with top admissions experts on tackling the pers...

Nailing Your Application Essays

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UCLA Anderson School of Management

A beautiful southern California location, award-winning faculty, top facilities, and successful alumni: discover the top-tier UCLA Anderson School of Business. Meet Director of Financial Aid, Ji Choi, and Associate Directors, Jessica Chung, Adrian Aguirre, and Craig Hubbell,  who will provide helpful insight into the MBA program's admissions process. With helpful tips on financing yo...

2011 Survey of Business School Admissions Officers from Kaplan Test Prep


Kaplan Test Prep just announced the results of their 2011 Survey of Business School Admissions Officers. It’s a very interesting read for those thinking applying and covers everything from financial aid availability to what the adcom thinks of your Facebook and Twitter pages. Highlights include: For the first time since we began tracking the issue in 2009, a majority (52%) of top business schools say that applicants now have the option to

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