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Getting Into Kellogg School of Management

With so many quality colleges in Chicago, MBA Podcaster takes you to Evanston, IL to get a behind-the-scenes view of one of the most prominent business schools in the world: Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management. Join Linda Abraham, founder and president of, as she provides expert application advice specific to Kellogg. Linda shares how you can put your best foot forward and how to attack each of the essay questions. You'll...

Getting the Last 50 Points on the GMAT

You’ve been putting hours upon hours studying for your GMAT, but you can’t seem to get your score to that higher level. Watch "Getting the Last 50 Points on the GMAT" where we explore how to boost your score to those last 50 points, and you’ll find out it’s not just a matter of studying harder! Joining us is Brian Galvin, Director of Academic Programs at Veritas Prep, a GMAT prep prov...

Getting the Last 50 Points on the GMAT

50 points

Against the Odds: Indian MBA Hopefuls Must Prep for Uphill Battle


Indian candidates face fierce competition on their quest to MBA admission abroad. But that probably isn’t news to you. India alone offers up the highest number of foreign MBA applicants (43%), followed by China (27%) then the US (6%) according to a 2012 study by the Graduate Management Admission Council. Applicants “from China and India are more than four to five times likely to be turned down for admission than either domestic applicants

MBA Admissions: Does Extracurricular Equal Extra Credit?


YES! Don’t underestimate the value of non-academic, non-work activities! These activities that you participate in – hobbies, sports, volunteering, etc. – do tons to liven up your otherwise one-dimensional application. Here are some reasons why you should bulk up your extracurricular quotient: • Extracurricular activities add life and texture to your application. As mentioned a moment ago, MBA applications can appear flat and

MBA 2014 – READY, SET, GO!


Why am I nagging you to get moving on your MBA application prep? Not just because those Round 1 deadlines creep up with wicked stealth and speed (last year, HBS broke the September barrier). But also because there is so much you can still do between now and then to improve your candidacy (sometimes a lot, sometimes on the margins, but margins matter). Also, preparing now will enable you to apply to more programs earlier, and therefore to

10 Tips for Getting Into a Top MBA Program

Connect with Your Inner Rock Star

By Betsy Massar, founder, Master Admissions The business school application scares most people. Sure, it looks simple enough – fill out a few forms, take a standardized test, send transcripts, answer some essay questions, get recommendations, and voilà, you’re in. If only. As the founder of Master Admissions, a veteran of the investment banking and investment management worlds, a graduate of Harvard Business School and resume coach at

Should You Apply to B-School Round 3 or Next Year?


The answer, as is often case in MBA admissions, is…it depends. The chances of gaining acceptance decrease as the rounds progress. That means that acceptance rates during R3 are generally lower than during R1 and R2. Similarly, grants and scholarships are harder to come by later in the admissions game. Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t apply. Your chances of acceptance = 0 if you don’t apply. They are >0 if you do

How to Manage Word Limits and Deadlines

Dealing with Application Deadlines: Set yourself a schedule and work backwards from your deadlines. Allow time for the holidays, sleep, exercise, and of course work. Focus first on the applications with the earliest deadlines. Work on applications one at a time. Adapt essays from your first application, when possible, to later applications. However never merely paste in an essay because the question is similar. Customize it for this

The Resume Gap Myth

Prospective MBA students often get very nervous about resumes, worrying madly if they’ve got the perfect sequence for admission to the top business schools. Here’s the good news: 1. It’s ok if you have a gap in your resume 2. There’s no perfect work sequence In fact, I consider the worry about a “resume gap” one of the biggest myths in business school admissions and recruiting. Most people I know aren’t “gapping” at all. They may not

Essay Tips: Indian School of Business


The Indian School of Business has become one of the strongest graduate business programs in Asia: it ranks 13th in the Financial Times’ MBA rankings – only two Asian programs surpass it according to FT, more than 98% of its graduates secure job offers within 3 months of graduating, and the salaries those graduates receive are high – 187% above their pre-ISB earnings! Competition for seats in this esteemed 1-year program is steep and the

Essay Tips: IMD

THE TWO QUESTIONS BEFORE THE ESSAY QUESTIONS 1) Position sought after graduation Please give us your short term career goal post MBA (up to 5 years). Describe how the IMD MBA will help you achieve this goal and how you will approach your job search. (maximum 2000 characters) Forward-looking, connect-the-dots MBA goals question with a twist. To answer this question, you need to know what you want to do after you complete IMD’s short,

Does Private Equity as a Career Goal Help or Hurt for MBA Admissions?

Among the clients I’ve had over the past three years, at a rough estimate I’d say about half came to me stating that (a career in) Private Equity was their Why-an-MBA goal. I could shake some from it, but not others. This year again I’ve already seen a number of ‘PE applications’ and am fielding the question that inevitably comes with it: “Is PE a strong-enough goal? Is it too common?” To answer this, and offer a perspective on career goal

Are you a Non-Traditional MBA Candidate? Then Read This.

Just about everyone, that is, other than McKinsey consultants and Goldman analysts, call themselves non-traditional candidates for business school. Why? Because they think that everyone who will populate the next MBA class comes from management consulting or finance. We all of know a few consultants, investment banking types, and more than a few engineers at business school. And indeed, if you look at the profiles of many business schools

FREE Webinar: Get the 2013 MBA Admissions Scoop!

You’ll create the best, most attractive, most convincing MBA application if you are well informed about the goings on in the MBA admissions world. For example, what are adcoms REALLY looking for in 2013 applicants? Who do they think will become the greatest business leaders of the future? What are the two most significant changes to applications this year and how should you respond to them? How do you cram all that info and data that’s in your

Consider Your Audience in Your Business School Application

I recently attended a workshop at the Stanford Graduate School of Business on pitching business plans to entrepreneurs. The experts there kept hammering it home: consider your audience. An MBA application is like any sales pitch.  Your audience will not only determine what you have to say, but how you are going to say it. Your audience is your target market.  The audience can be one person, it could be hundreds, or it could be a small

Should I Write the Optional Essay?

This is a question I receive all the time. Sadly, there is no definite yes or no answer to this one (I know, as usual), so I always answer with the only accurate answer I can give, which is: "It depends." After writing 3-5 required essays for your target business school application, you're probably not interested in writing anything more, especially if it has the word "optional" tacked on to the front of it. But that's definitely not a reason

HBS Admissions Director Speaks Out on Application Process

There are those who revere her and those who fear her--but one thing is certain about Dee Leopold, director of Harvard Business School admissions—she tells it straight. After the May 22 announcement that HBS would modify its admissions process, Dee made herself available to answer questions. She granted an exclusive interview with Poets & Quants and immediately scheduled a webinar to explain the new process. I’ve posted highlights of that

The MBA Goals Essay MAP refers to the process of writing the MBA goals essay as "mapping." To "map" your MBA goals essay you need to follow our unique MAP strategy. There are two MAP tactics which will be explained below. Make sure your essay responds to the exact wording to the question, but most MBA goals essays are like a roadmap. The adcoms want to see where you have been, where you are right now, and where you plan on going in the future – that is,

3 Must-Know MBA Resume Tips offers loads of MBA resume tips on how to format and design your application resume. In this post, however, we're going to focus on three must-know tips on how to compose your MBA resume's content. Before we do this, though, I'd like to explain what your MBA resume is and what role it plays in the MBA application process. What IS an MBA Resume Anyway? First and foremost, the MBA resume is a clear outline of your employment and

Stop Being Overwhelmed by Your Overrepresentation!

Take a deep breath. Being a member of an overrepresented group is not an MBA admissions death sentence. Most applicants find themselves relating to one (at least) label or group, and that doesn't exclude them from the adcom pickings. What do you think – that the adcom readers only choose candidates who have no associations to any larger group or label? Obviously that would be impossible – if nothing else, applicants fall into either the "Male" or

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