Cheating MBA Rankings

Just how important are all those MBA rankings? 1025_JONES_RANKING-b-310x222-2


Business school applicants are constantly bombarded with the latest MBA rankings from Business Week, USA News & World Report, Financial Times, Forbes, and more.

Our “Rankings Rule” for business school applicants has always been this: rankings are a great place to start your research, but a terrible place to base your final decision.

After all, how do we know that business school’s aren’t lying about their programs to boost the value of the degrees? Turns out, some business school’s have tried to cheat the rankings. Bloomberg Business Week recently reported:

How could a small business school at the University of Missouri-Kansas City beat Harvard, Stanford, and MIT in a ranking of entrepreneurship? By cheating, suggests a report in the Kansas City Star newspaper, which accused the university of meddling with an independent study that ranked its Henry W. Bloch School of Management first in innovation management. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon called for an inquiry into the university’s rankings on Thursday.

In a letter to the University of Missouri Board of Curators, Governor Nixon said the article “raises serious questions about the integrity of the scholarship and strategies that have been employed to raise the profile of the institution.”

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