Companies Seek MBA Grads Who Can Code

Steve Jobs was once quoted for saying “everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer… because it teaches you how to think.”1897030

Step aside software engineers, MBA grads are learning to code now too! “We’ve got a lot of MBAs graduating and going off to be high-tech product managers. If you look at that world, there are a bunch of big tech companies that insist that anyone in that role be technical—understand code well enough to read it and write it,” says Thomas Eisenmann, an HBS professor who teaches a course on product management.

Even if coding won’t be the nature of your everyday job, tech companies are seeking managers who know code well enough to work with their technical staff.

Surprisingly, few elite business schools have worked coding classes into the MBA curriculum. Check out Businessweek’s post, “B-Schools Finally Acknowledge: Companies Want MBAs Who Can Code,” to find out how Harvard, Stanford, NYU and other top MBA program view the matter

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