The Economist Launches GMAT Tutor for iPhone, a Comprehensive and Mobile GMAT Prep Course

The Economist recently announced the launch of an iPhone app called GMAT Tutor (, which allows students to prepare for the GMAT by focusing on their individual learning needs.

The app offers 100 hours of content and over 5,000 practice questions. GMAT Tutor employs patent-pending artificial intelligence so the more time students spend learning with the program, the more customized it becomes.

“Future MBAs are on the go, so we wanted to provide an intuitive prep tool that fitted with their lives,” said Isaac Showman, vice-president at The Economist and general manager of Economist Education. “GMAT Tutor combines cutting-edge adaptive learning technology with the portability of an iPhone. The app has a conversational, almost human tone, and for students around the world, the best GMAT instructor they can find is probably in their pocket.”

Access to GMAT Tutor is free for 7 days after which students can pick between two learning plans priced between $475 and $695. Support is offered via a global team of GMAT instructors who are available to answer questions via in-app messaging or live video chats.

The iPhone app is supported by an online version which provides extra features such as full-length Computer Adaptive Testing GMAT practice tests, essay support, and customized progress reports.

The Economist is backing GMAT Tutor’s courses with a comprehensive improvement guarantee. If students’ GMAT scores don’t improve by at least 50 points (or 70 for the advanced program) they will receive a full refund for the course. The Economist plans to release an Android version of GMAT Tutor within the next few weeks.

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