Why having an MBA is Important in 2013

When you make the decision to go to graduate school, you take a lot into consideration. Is it worth the tuition money? Will an MBA benefit my career path? Is pursuing another degree worth the time?

While an MBA isn’t for everyone, everyone needs a job. If the past couple years have solidified anything, it’s that the job market is unpredictable. In a volatile economy, it’s important to stand out from the crowd when applying for sought-after jobs.

Having an MBA when applying for a job could help to immediately set your resume apart from the rest of the applicant pool. Most job descriptions require at the minimum a 4-year degree – an MBA could exemplify to recruiters more experience than the rest of the applicant field.

Beyond that, you might not even be able to apply for a job without an MBA. You’ll see that more and more job descriptions specify that applicants have to have an MBA to even be considered for the job. Recruiters often look for future employees that will require less nesting time in a new role.

Having an MBA could illustrate the picture that you have more skills and practice than someone with a bachelor’s degree.

An MBA is also helpful because it can fill in the gaps left by your undergraduate education. If your MBA is in a different, but related, field to your undergraduate education, you show that you have a broader range of interests and expertise. That dual-threat education can lead to better job offers, or even better opportunities in your current career.

Another reason an MBA is a benefit? Networking. Of course through an undergraduate education you can make great networking connections, but through the course of an MBA program, those connections only strengthen.

Working more closely with professors and individuals dedicated to a certain field will certainly bring forth opportunities that might not present themselves with a standard four-year degree.

By Taylor Kinsey, a technology/Internet expert, blogger for CenturyLink High Speed Internet and freelance writer.

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