The MBA@UNC Advantage: An Interactive Experience

When I tell people I’m earning my MBA online, they always ask, “How do you meet people? Isn’t networking part of the reason you go […]

Why having an MBA is Important in 2013

When you make the decision to go to graduate school, you take a lot into consideration. Is it worth the tuition money? Will an MBA […]

Student Voices: Lessons Learned from MBA@UNC

The other day it dawned on me that I am more than halfway through the MBA@UNC program. With this realization, I mostly felt relief that […]

Tips for Tackling Team Interviews


With the emerging trend of group interviews at schools like Wharton, applicants need to understand that team interviews require a different set of skills than individual interviews.  I […]

Should You Apply to B-School Round 3 or Next Year?


The answer, as is often case in MBA admissions, is…it depends. The chances of gaining acceptance decrease as the rounds progress. That means that acceptance rates […]

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