5 Fantastic Application Tips for Chinese Applicants

Top business schools usually accept, depending on class size, a few to several Chinese applicants per class each year. How can you make sure that you’re one of them?

The follow 5 tips will help you increase the competitiveness of your application and boost your chances of acceptance:

1.     Prove how you will excel in the Western business world.

Include all experiences you’ve had working overseas or in multicultural business environments. Show that you understand the differences between Eastern and Western business practices and values, and that you have the skills and the cultural sensitivity to juggle both, or depending on your situation, completely shift from one to the other. For example, if you once led negotiations between Chinese and American businesspeople, you might want to note the cultural differences between the two parties, the ways in which you handled these differences, and what you learned from the different ways the two parties communicated and shared their ideas with each other.

If you haven’t had an international business experience, then you will want to highlight your extensive language skills and your overall knowledge of multinational business. And your cultural knowledge doesn’t need to come from the work place – you may have acquired your cultural understanding from volunteering with an international non-profit organization, or from studying abroad during your junior year of college.

2.     Highlight your community activities.

American students are known for the time they put into extracurricular volunteer activities. Show the adcoms that you too have carved out time to help your community on top of your school and work obligations or devote yourself to a non-academic interest like sports or music. Share volunteer stories and, when possible, connect your experiences with skills you’d like the adcom to know about. For example, not only did you get involved in teaching at-risk teens how to read English, but you also led a group of these teenagers in a series of workshops that taught them how to teach others how to read. Remember, impact is demonstrated through numbers – talk about how many teens you led, how many hours you spent, and the details of your results to prove the breadth and depth of your activism.

3.     Show you have direction.

You are a passionate person with high hopes and dreams. Don’t be shy about conveying your excitement for your career and goals.

 4.     Explain why you need an American or international MBA.

The adcoms want to know a) why you are pursuing an MBA so far from home, and b) why you want an MBA from their institution in particular. How are your goals dependent on an international education? How will your target institution help you reach your post-MBA goals? How will interacting with international students add value to your experience?

5.     Improve your English.

Your application needs to be written in good English, and then later, when you interview, you’ll want to make sure you are completely understood – both in your annunciation and meaning. Proving that you have a command of the English language is key for acceptance into an English-speaking program. Some things you can do to improve your English include joining an English conversation group, reading English books/newspapers/websites, and making English-speaking friends. When it comes to your application, make sure you find a native English speaker to review your writing – you don’t have to sound like a native, but it still has to be clear and convey a good grasp of the language. For your MBA interview, prepare specific stories or talking points in advance so you don’t get tripped up in the language while thinking of examples on the fly.

For more advice on how to create an application that highlights your unique qualifications and stands out from the crowd, please see MBA Applications 101 now!

By Linda Abraham, president and founder of Accepted.com and author of MBA Admission for Smarties, the premier admissions consultancy and essay editing company that has helped applicants around the world gain admissions to over 450+ top schools since 1994. Visit Acccepted.com for all your MBA admissions consulting needs today!

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