The International Committee of the Red Cross joins IMD Business School’s Corporate Learning Network


Humanitarian aid. Help for victims of conflict and armed violence. Joyous moments of relief and reuniting family. These are among the images most have when […]

LOL: Managing Stress While Waiting

It’s a tough time in the admissions cycle.  At least for prospective students. Most have submitted applications and are waiting for interviews, or have had […]

3 Day-Of Tips for a Successful MBA Interview


So many articles focus on how to prepare for your business school interview (and you should read those articles!), but here I’m going to talk […]

MBA vs. EMBA: What are the Pros and Cons?


Applying to a top Executive MBA program? It’ll help to know a few things about the competitive EMBA admissions process. Below you’ll find the pros […]

When Your Interview is on Skype

I’m wrong. A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on interviewing for a coveted spot in an MBA program and announced right up front “whether it’s […]

How to Turn “Boring” to “Brilliant” When Crafting a Business School Essay


In “Anatomy of a Really Bad M.B.A. Essay (Part Three),” we discussed some of the clues that reveal you’ve written a really bad essay. One […]

The Round 3 Question

Some business school applicants are legitimately wondering whether they should go ahead and apply in Round 3 for the 2012 entering class.  Some realize that […]

5 Fantastic Application Tips for Chinese Applicants


Top business schools usually accept, depending on class size, a few to several Chinese applicants per class each year. How can you make sure that […]

Top 4 Reasons to Attend the Which MBA? Online Fair

Whether you are just beginning to consider an MBA or ready to send out applications, the Which MBA? Online Fair allows you to take the […]

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