Listener Question: Is Engineering & an MBA a Good Combo?

Is engineering+MBA a good combination?

Most of the students who speak in the videos(How to get into….) have worked in the management field. But since I am going to do engineering I will have no such experiences.How is that going to work against me?

What is the average number of students with a science background admitted to the top business schools every year?
-A. Gogoi

Without a doubt the answer is YES, business schools love engineers. They love the way you think, your quantitative skills, your work experience, and the real world experience you can share in the classroom. The difficulty for engineers is in their application. They may do well on the GMAT but some engineers can’t tell their story in a personable way in their essays. They may come across as too technical and not fully grasping why they need an MBA and why they’re applying to chosen school. Business schools like to see that engineers are real people too, and want to get to know you, the person behind the engineer, in the application.

We’ve dedicated a full podcast to the subject of MBAs for Engineers and our guests do a great job of explaining how to tackle the essays, recommendations and application as a whole for engineers. Be sure to listen to this one: MBA for Engineers.


  • Beth Flye, Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, Kellogg School of Management
  • Karla Krause, student, MIT Leaders for Global Operations Program
  • Iker Marcaide, student, MIT Leaders for Global Operations Program
  • Betsy Massar, Founder and CEO, Master Admissions
  • Don Rosenfield, Director of the dual-degree MIT Leaders for Global Operations Program
  • Margo Villadelgado, Student, Kellogg School of Management

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