Question from a Listener: How to Respond to Wharton Interview Question

We recently received an email from a listener about Wharton’s interview question “What can you bring to the table?“:

Dear MBA Podcaster,
I am applying for Wharton’s MBA program and in the interview I’ve heard that they will ask me what I can bring to the table as part of Wharton’s incoming class. Kindly provide me the answer.

We cannot that answer for you but we can point you in the right direction to search yourself for the right answer.
This is a question that is totally unique to you and your background. What makes you special? It’s hard to answer because you know yourself so well that usually nothing stands out as being unique or unusual. But delve deeper, what do you think you have you done or accomplished that you can offer to other classmates? Do you have a strong background in a particular area of interest (ie: finance, non-profit, maybe it’s volunteering, maybe you’re a comedian on the side). Whatever your passions are and your experience can be interesting to your fellow classmates and school. Maybe you don’t have a particular passion but you do notice you operate different that others. Maybe it’s simply that you organize projects and get things done. So if you join clubs and groups your peers can count on you to make sure the group has a plan and the plan is executed. Maybe you’re extremely creative and you think you can help organize the best Wharton Follies the school has ever seen. Similar to a job interview where you know you’re competing against others for the job and you’ll try to stand out in your interview think of the Wharton interview in the same way. Think about unique parts of your personality and experiences that you want to bring to life for the admission committee and use this essay or interview to convey the message.

For more info on Wharton applications and essays be sure to check our “Getting Into Wharton” video.


  • Kofi Kankam, director of Admit Advantage
  • Kathryn Bezella, Senior Associate Director of Admissions, Wharton
  • Phillip Foxworthy, Wharton MBA Class of 2011
  • Elan Wang, Wharton MBA Class of 2010
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