Use Your Essays Wisely: Tips From Stacy Blackman

Application Tips from MBA Admission Consultant Stacy Blackman Use Your Essays Wisely Business school application essays provide a good forum to explain aspects of your […]

Do I apply to Business School in Round 3?

By Betsy Massar, Founder of MBA admission consulting company Master Admissions It’s the end the second-round cycle. Some of you got some great news about interview […]

Leila Pirnia


Leila Pirnia co-founded MBA Podcaster in January 2006 to provide information and advice to MBA applicants. MBA Podcaster is now ranked #1 on iTunes for […]

Janet Nakano


Janet Nakano is a host and producer for MBA Podcaster. She is a Los Angeles native and received a B.A. in Comparative Literature from UCLA. […]

Dilini Fernando


Dilini Fernando is a video host for MBA PodTV. Dilini graduated from the Brown University with a degree in Public and Private Sector Organizations. While […]

Mia Saini


Mia Saini is a video host and producer for MBA PodTV. Mia graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a double major in neuroscience […]

Diana Page Jordan


Diana Page Jordan is an award-winning broadcast journalist, with national first place awards for breaking news, best use of sound, features, as well as for […]

Catherine Girardeau


Catherine Girardeau is a host and producer for MBA Podcaster. Her background includes print and radio journalism, podcasting, and video production. Her work has garnered […]

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