A Wild Ride Indeed

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was in my living room, jumping up and down with excitement for being awarded this Kaplan GMAT course. (If you’re new to this blog and don’t know how I won or why I even want an MBA, click here to read the essay I submitted.)
Now, it is mid-October and my dream of getting an MBA is several steps closer. It has been a wild ride indeed.

But before I get all mushy, let me share a few post-class-perks that Kaplan puts in the mix:

- There are two extra weeks of assignments so that I can stay on track and maintain the rhythm that I’ve started.

- I can use their online resources for another FOUR WEEKS! That’s huge. That means I can access extra quizzes, tests, on-demand videos, short recaps of lessons, past test scores and problems, etc.

- Gene and Travis are still available. Though I won’t be seeing them on a weekly basis, we now have a special Kaplan connection. Both of them are ready and willing to entertain any GMAT questions. This will be huge.

- Kaplan’s guaruntee. Kaplan has an incredible policy. If I’m not satisfied with my final CATs OR if I don’t feel ready for the test, I can retake the class for free. That is really amazing. (Note: If your experience is really bad, they’ll even refund your money.)

As for next steps, I’m actually going to wait until the first week of December to take the exam. Though this is outside of the four week timeline that Kaplan recommends, it will give me some time to really focus on some incredibly weak areas on my part (i.e: Advanced Math Problems).

Let me take these last lines to sincerely thank MBA Podcaster, Kaplan, Gene, Travis, and my classmates for an incredible experience. I have been so blessed and encouraged by their generosity and support. This opportunity has not only given me academic tools, but it has also added excitement and energy for what’s to come. Thanks for being a huge part of this season of my life.

If anyone has any further questions about the Kaplan course, GMAT, my social-good venture, my role as a youth pastor, or anything else, feel free to contact me by email at gmatwith@me.com

Keep going. Keep studying. Keep dreaming.

Victor Saad

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