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I can’t believe it. I have yet to introduce you to my Kaplan GMAT Instructor. So, let me give you a brief introduction of the man behind the class, Gene Suhir. He has a been an absolute joy to work with. Why? I think I’ve narrowed it down to five reasons:

1.) Humor: Gene interjects some much needed comic relief in the middle of a 2 1/2 hour class session. His witty comments, funny responses to students, and ability to make fun of the GMAT’s quirks, helps make the class move along and helps us all not to take ourselves too seriously.

2.) Knowledge: Gene knows his stuff. He has taken the GMAT and trained lots of people on how to take it well. This is evident by his ability to take large concepts and make them accessible to even the simplest of minds.

3.) Timely Responses: Yep. Gene lets me contact him throughout the week. I probably don’t take advantage of this as much as I should. However, every time I have a question, he responds with a detailed response that is specifically catered to me. I was shocked when it first happened and I thought he was simply trying to impress me due to my good looks. But, it has never changed. Which is good, because I hate being treated like a piece of meat.

4.) Encouraging: I know this might sound cheesy, but Gene believes in us. I know, I know, he gets paid for this. BUT, he is really good at making us feel like we can actually conquer the GMAT. When we do something right, he reminds us of the progress. And when we do something wrong, he is honest and shows us how we can correct it. There are no stupid questions and I have never felt that he was unapproachable. I suppose, in some ways, he has taken the role of a coach. Perhaps if I get a good score, I’ll have to find a way to electronically dump a cooler of icy Gatorade onto his head…

5.) TA: This one isn’t directly about Gene, but you should know that Kaplan instructors also have a TA. This has been an incredible addition to our class. Our TA, Travis, answers questions in the chat room, helps with tech problems, and cares for backend items that make the class run well. He is also a solid GMAT teacher and is available to answer questions outside of class. He does his job quietly, but with skill and accuracy. So basically, he’s a ninja.

That’s it for now guys. Drop me a line if you need anything or have any questions.

Keep studying!

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