Half Way

Thursday night reminded me of running the second half of the mile in fourth grade as the chubbiest kid in class. There is a certain amount of pride in completing the first half without needing to be rolled off the track, but an awful realization that what was just accomplished needs to be repeated! Thursday we finished session five: Reading Comp & Sentence Correction. This pushes us past the half way mark for the class and so far, I am still running. For those of you wondering how I completed the class that I missed last week, I moved ahead with watching a ‘Lesson on Demand.’ It was simple, fast, and incredibly informative. Since there is no interaction, the Lesson on Demand videos are drastically shorter. The downfall however, is that there is no ability to ask questions, see the input of other students, or take part in small quizzes with the class. I was surprised at how much the lack of these things effected my comprehension of the material. I learned that, even though the professor is online, I really enjoy the class sessions.

This, however, is where the challenge begins. The class is starting to lose some of it’s luster. It is time consuming, increasingly difficult, and we are now required to take one CAT each week. Also, if you get behind on homework, it is hard to catch up – so staying current is vital. If you’re considering a GMAT course, just know that this will take time. Not just a couple of hours each week, but rather scheduled, disciplined, steady studying. Then, when you’re not scheduled to study — you’ll need to think about what you just studied. However, to go with the above mentioned analogy, it’s like the chubby kid running with a not-so-fat kid, he’ll try to keep up and possibly even run faster and longer (or he’ll quit and walk home to eat a twinkie — but let’s stay positive). The Kaplan course is the pace I need to keep my head in the game. You will always convince yourself that you’re too busy to study, unless studying interrupts your life enough to grab your attention.

So thanks for being the skinny kid, Kaplan. I both love and hate you.

Hope you guys are doing well!
Keep studying and stay in touch!

Victor Saad

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