Week #3 of Kaplan GMAT Course

I just completed week three of nine at 11:40 last night. I am officially starting the GMAT Madness section of my life – dreaming in equations, looking for evidence, assumption and conclusions in every paragraph I read, starting to think of my life in terms of how to solve for “X”, etc. I’m really worried what this will look like in six weeks!

For this week, I’ll leave you with one positive and one possible area of improvement for Kaplan:

The good: Kaplan does an amazing job of teaching you the fundamental skills required for the GMAT while also teaching you the ins and outs of the GMAT itself. This was incredibly eye opening to me! I’ve learned a great deal about the value of the first few questions in each section, small tricks that help eliminate possible answers, different ways to process through the more time consuming parts of the test, sayings and acronyms to help simplify daunting concepts. Of course, all of these things need to be memorized, but they help make a good test score seem more attainable.

The improvement: As I mentioned last week, the technology behind Kaplan is fantastic. Their assignments, quizzes, online center, statistics, and classroom experience have all exceeded my expectations. However, out of the past three classes, we have had to restart our connection three times (once during the first class, and twice last night). I know some of this is expected, but it can be frustrating in the middle of an intense class session to restart your browser, sign in, etc. Keep in mind Kaplan is doing something that is really tasking for any server and internet connection—and they are doing it well. They are also working on making this even more stable. So, if you’re considering a GMAT Advantage Anywhere Course, don’t let this stop you. It is simply an honest ‘heads up.’

This week, I’ll be recapping the past two sessions, Critical Reasoning & Quanative Strategies/Algebra, while also preparing for the next session on Arithimitec and Number Properties. Also, I will be taking my second CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) this week and will let you know if the first three weeks have had an impact on my score.

As usual, send along any questions or advice. Thanks for reading!

PS: In other news: if you recall, a group of friends and I are starting a project group that focuses on connecting people doing good. We’re focusing on artists & non-profits right now. If you’re in Chicago, you should think about attending our first art exhibition on September 23 (and meet me!) Learn more at www.the-prop.org


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