Kaplan Course Beginnings

Hey Everyone,

Well, things are moving ahead with the Kaplan GMAT course. So, I wanted to send along 5 things you need to know about the BEGINNING of this whole process:

1.) GMAT Advantage – Anywhere. The course that has been awarded to me is an online course; but with a twist. I actually have to be online at a certain time to take part in the class. There is a live video of an instructor, a live chat room for the students participating, a TA who answers questions along the way, an interactive view of the course material, the ability to ‘raise my hand’ or ‘applause’ when I feel the need, etc. Though I wasn’t expecting an online class, I have been pleasantly surprised with how well thought-out the process has been.
Note: Since these tools take a heavy toll on your internet connection, I suggest that you use a hard wired connection to your modem. It has worked for me on Wifi, but it seems to be more steady and stable when connected via ethernet.

2.) Kaplan has an amazing online center–incredibly intuitive, good design, and practical. I was really impressed. I will admit, however, that they try to incoorporate so much (lessons, videos, resources, quizzes, etc) that it can get buggy at times. However, when working with the internet, you can always expect a little lag or the occasional restart no matter how well programmed the site is. I’ll elaborate on the online center in the upcoming weeks.

3.) CAT – Kaplan’s Computer Adaptive Tests are fantastic. As far as I can tell, they do a great job of getting as close to the real thing as possible. For me, the only downfall is the fact that I am a GMAT novice in every. Therefore, the initial CAT that is to be taken prior to the class’ official start was a bit discouraging. I guess that’s why I’m in the class, right?

4.) Guarantee – Kaplan makes it really clear that if you’re not satisfied OR if you don’t feel ready for the test OR if you’re score doesn’t increase, you can retake the class for free. If your experience is really bad, they’ll even refund your money. For someone who is doing this for the first time, it feels good to know that they stand behind their product.

5.) The right place – This is a good thing. Though I am probably in over my head academically, I don’t feel like I’m looked down upon if I am rusty in a certain area or simply don’t know how to complete a few problems. The professor and surrounding students have been very encouraging and uplifting. There has been a certain sense of camaraderie so far as each student sits in very different places heading a very similar direction.

That’s it for my second post.
Feel free to send along any further questions, thoughts, encouragement, etc.

Thanks guys!

PS: If you missed my first post about The Kaplan Materials, click HERE.

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