It's Time to Pursue An MBA

It’s a new year and many economists think the recession is waning. If you’re looking ahead and figuring ways to advance your career, the MBA route might be the ticket. It’s never too late to continue your education! There are various types of programs with innovative specializations and accommodating schedules for busy professionals or for those that want to go full-time. Take the time and do the research so that you can make an informed decision. Too many aspiring students think about the limitations (I’m too old, too young, too inexperienced, not good enough grades or scores, etc.) and never think about the possibilities. The economy is down and you may not think you have the time or money, but taking your education one step further can dramatically increase your earning potential over your career. Plus, it can connect you with other movers and shakers in the business world.The Financial Times reports that many business schools are learning from the mistakes of the current economy and incorporating new ideas into their programs to teach students how to succeed in business for the future. The thinking is that new ideas will help future economic leaders to avoid another economic debacle from happening. Most business leaders want to be a part of a solution, not part of the problem.

The biggest perceived limitations for interested MBA students are time and money. Are you willing to invest 1 to 3 years for your education and earning potential?

There are 1 year MBA programs, night programs, part-time programs, online programs, and full-time programs. All of these are tailored to your needs. Money is an issue for the majority of MBA candidates. You probably have college debt, personal expenses, etc. However, if you look at your education as an investment, you’ll soon realize that it’s more advantageous to borrow the money now, and pay it back as you earn more over your lifetime. If you’re fortunate enough to have the money or to earn a scholarship, then money is less of an issue. Either way, time and money shouldn’t deter you from pursuing an MBA.

The recession will be over soon and the hope is that the next wave of business leaders will have the tools and resources to perform and succeed in a post-recession economy. If you’re thinking about an MBA program, there may be no better time to act than right now.

Written by Liam Dunfey, an educational consultant with over ten years of higher education experience. He takes pride in helping young professionals advance their careers through graduate school.  He co-created University Advisors Admission Specialists, LLC in 2007. He resides in San Diego, CA.   Liam can be reached via email at


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