I just returned to LA from a jam packed 15-day east coast trip for MBAPodTV. Spent 3 weekends in NYC, weekdays in Boston, and a […]


A 2009 MBA Summer Internship Success Story

Lots of people have been asking about internship opportunities for MBA students. We’ve had a few podcasts that have addressed job prospects for MBAs in […]

Low GMAT Score? Admissions consultant has tips

I’m working on a show about how to address a GMAT score that is…how to say it? Lower than you want or need. In pursuit […]

Insider Tips From a First-Year MBA Student

If you are one of the really dedicated MBA Podcaster fans, you should have noticed that our team has had some exciting new developments recently. […]

MBA PodTV Teaser

MBA Podcaster is gearing up to debut MBA PodTV! We’ll be bringing you additional up-to-date insight on the MBA application process through our interviews with […]

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