The GRE vs GMAT Battle Continues! More Schools Now Accepting GRE

As we blogged about in April, 5 of top 10 business schools in the world now accept the GRE. And now the list continues.

For more info on finding an MBA Program that doesn’t require the GMAT check out our show on this topic.

Original post below, new additions and highlights are as follows:

NYU Stern (August 2009):

Wharton (July 2009): “It’s part of a move by the school to attract a broader applicant pool, including dual-degree students, younger applicants, and international applicants from far-flung countries without GMAT access.”

Harvard Business School (May 2009): “We are pleased to widen our requirements to give all MBA candidates the option of submitting results from either the GRE or GMAT exam,” said Deirdre Leopold, HBS Managing Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, in a release issued this morning. “Since many HBS applicants are also considering graduate programs besides the MBA, there is now no need for them to take the GMAT if they have already taken the GRE. We believe that both the GMAT and the GRE meet our expectations of what a standardized test can tell us about a candidate’s ability to thrive in our MBA Program.”

University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business: Darden Admissions Director Sara Neher took the GRE exam this year to assess whether it would be an appropriate assessment for Darden applicants. “I wouldn’t accept the GRE if I didn’t understand what it was asking people to do,” Neher says. “It’s definitely not as complicated of a math test, but it still tests logic, general analytic ability, vocabulary, and reading comprehension in the same way the GMAT does,” she says.

Queen’s School of Business
Tulane’s Freeman School of Business
MIT Sloan

Is the GMAT not working for you? Has it been too long since grade school math? Fear not, now you have options! The GRE is gaining popularity among top business schools around the world.Which top schools? China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Harvard, Instituto De Empresa (IE), Canada’s Queen’s School of Business, MIT Sloan and Stanford. To view a complete list of MBA programs that accept GRE visit

More than 190 business schools from across the globe – including many top-ranked MBA programs in Europe, Asia and North America – are part of a growing trend of MBA programs that are seeking to broaden and diversify their candidate pools by accepting GRE test scores.

Last month, Harvard Business School (HBS) announced that it will accept GRE scores for admission into its 2+2 program. “The HBS 2+2 program is designed to encourage college juniors – especially those in majors such as engineering, science and government – to consider business as a career path,” said Deirdre Leopold, Harvard Business School’s Managing Director of Admissions and Financial Aid. “Since the GRE is the test these students are most familiar with on the road to graduate school, we are pleased to offer it as an alternative option to the GMAT®.”

And this just in (added 5/18/09) the regular Harvard MBA program now accepts the GRE as well. In addition, MBA programs cite institutional competitiveness and student access to GRE test centers as practical reasons for accepting GRE test scores. But it is the current global economy and the GRE test’s inherent ability to support programs’ diversity goals that creates the most appeal, according to David Bach, Associate Dean of MBA programs at Instituto de Empresa (IE) Business School.”As the financial crisis deepens, new approaches are needed to rebuild global financial systems and to uncover opportunities for creating value in business and society,” says Bach. “Business schools must look to diverse participants to engage in this process, and we find the GRE test an excellent tool to help us meet this objective.”

In addition, the GRE only costs $150 versus the GMAT’s $250 price tag.

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  2. Lee the Gmat Coach says:

    The GMAT has been and will continue to be the king of the entrance exams into b-school. Its ability to test decision skills and time management make it a tremendous asset to b-school admission offices. It will remain THE standard for entrance into top b-schools for a very long time.

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