Microsoft’s 2nd Annual MBA Panel: Soliciting Questions from You!

UPDATE (6/25/09): The Panel was a success! Hear the event here: ———————————————————————————————— As we all know, the current economic climate is prompting thousands to […]

Regional vs Big Name National MBA: The MBA Recruiters Weigh In

If you’re considering an MBA school, should you shoot for the big names or stay regional? We’re doing a show on that very question at […]

Rice vs the Big Name B-Schools

In an upcoming show for MBA Podcaster, we’ll be comparing regional schools with the Big Name B-Schools. So today, I talked with Sean Ferguson, Associate […]

2009 Top 100 ‘Most Desired’ Employers Chosen by MBA Grads

Universum’s annual rankings are out on the Top 100 Companies that MBA grads long to work for. Who’s who this year? Well, Google takes #1 […]

How Pepperdine’s MBA School Goes Up Against the Big Names

You’ve likely heard of Pepperdine, but maybe not its business school — Graziadio. I wasn’t sure how to pronounce it, and the Associate Dean of […]

Schools are Making it Easier to get a JD/MBA

The Wall Street Journal came out with a great report today detailing how schools are trying to make it easier for students to get their […]

Tulane — or a Big Name MBA School?

Tulane is for students “who are bigger than themselves” — especially in the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s destruction. That’s what Bill Hydrick tells me when […]

Summary of Free GMAT Classes That Are Currently Being Offered

Many test-prep companies these days are offering free sample GMAT classes. Take advantage of the offers, test out the various companies and find a teacher […]

Which B-School for you? Regional or Big Name? We Talk to Simon in Rochester

Ah the value of a small school! I’m doing interviews for our show on MBA to answer the question of whether students should go […]

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